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Seventy-Five Percent of Schneider Electric Revenues Come with Eco Labeled Products

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Life cycle assessment (LCA) has gained significant traction in BUILDING sector in the last 10 years as a tool for evaluating the environmental performance of products. That’s what a last survey done by Schneider Electric with more than 1500 customers around the world shows.

According to the survey, customers increase their interest to green products due to:

Bechtel | Powering More Than Clean Energy

by Tam Nguyen

The new 778-megawatt Stonewall Energy Center in Loudon County, Virginia provides the electricity the community needs while protecting its water, wildlife, and other natural resources. More than 778,000 homes in Virginia and Washington DC will be powered by the clean energy this plant produces.

Generating Cleaner Power

Energy Efficiency Highlights From the 2017 Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey


It’s October. While you sip your pumpkin spice latte and cheer on your favorite football team, it’s also time to talk about energy. Happy #EnergyAwarenessMonth! This month, companies and organizations around the country are raising awareness of the importance of energy efficiency.

Food Waste Documentary Highlights Solutions

by Mollie Wulff

Because of innovative work we are doing at our Murfreesboro, Tennessee, plant,  General Mills was invited to be included in “WASTED! The Story of Food Waste,” a documentary making its debut in theaters and online today.

The film helps shed new light on what is food and what is garbage. Every year, one-third of the food grown worldwide never reaches a plate and 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown out. That’s $218 billion worth of food produced for human consumption that never gets eaten.

Whirlpool Taps Wind as Propeller Of Sustainability and Community Investment

by Antonio Pasolini

Transitioning to clean energy is one of the most efficient ways for companies to mitigate their environmental impact, as it prevents GHG emissions as well as providing a long-term solution for energy needs.

For that reason, appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corporation is pushing ahead with wind energy expansion as part of its efforts to decrease its carbon footprint in a bid to make its business increasingly sustainable as well as more socially responsible.

HPE Labs VIDEO | How Photonics Can Help Prevent a Digital Energy Crisis


Data centers are the factories of the 21st century, processing the ever-expanding volumes of information that make the global economy go. But progress comes with a cost. In 2015, data centers used more electricity than the entire United Kingdom, about 400 terawatt-hours—a figure that could triple by 2020, according to a recent study in the journal Challenges.

VIDEO | Discover How to Maximize Energy Efficiency and Get Results by Being Sustainable

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We help AEG increase overall efficiency and reduce total resource consumption. We partnered in developing sustainability objectives for 2020 and deployed the technology to monitor progress against goals. 

AEG now has the tools they need to answer questions such as “How much electricity does an arena use?” and “How much water is used during a game or concert?”


Hormel Sponsors Solar Project in Kansas

by Antonio Pasolini

Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy available, and many companies are embracing it as a central part of their strategy to reduce emissions and reach clean energy goals.

Natural food company Hormel Natural Choice is tapping the power of the sun through a partnership with a community project headed by Westar Energy, just 50 miles from its Dold Foods plant in Wichita, Kansas.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity Key to Ensure Safe, Secure Utilities

Electric utilities are making progress with cybersecurity, but gaps remain

Facing inevitable attacks to their networks by hackers, electric utilities are making progress in prioritizing cybersecurity to ensure that they can deliver and maintain safe, secure utilities for all. However, this year’s Strategic Directions: Electric Industry Report shows even as leaders work to ensure grid security, major gaps remain in the areas of asset security control and security risk awareness.

“Our Vision Is a World That Runs Entirely on Green Energy”


Following a profound strategic transformation from black to green energy and recent divestment of the oil and gas business, the Danish energy company DONG Energy is changing its name to Ørsted and boosting their vision for a green future. 


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