Business & Trade CSR News - Woolworths Limited (ASX:WOW) Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2012

The report outlines the highlights in business performance, earning trust, serving our community, using resources wisely and building the best retail team.
Press Release

December 11, 2012 /3BL Media/ - Woolworths Limited has issued the company’s fifth Corporate Responsibility Report, which outlines the highlights in business performance, earning trust, serving our community, using resources wisely and building the best retail team. A copy of the report can be found at

Key highlights for 2012 were:

What Your Company Cares About Fascinates Its Largest Shareholders

This is a summary of the Engaging Shareholders panel discussion at the CBSR 10th Annual Summit that took place on November 7th, 2012 in Toronto.

Author: Wesley Gee (Senior Sustainability Consultant, Stantec)

Shareholders matter, but some matter more than others. There are those who are in it for the long haul, with a vested interest in the success of a company, and in some cases they are actively involved in supporting shifts towards greater long-term growth and prosperity.

Michael Petricone

Multimedia with summary

Video4Good interviewed the Consumer Electronics Association‘s Michael Petricone at the COMMIT!Forum in New York.

Five Social Innovation Summit Stories That Changed My Outlook for 2013



The Social Innovation Summit (SIS) is a place where really nice people who do really nice things come together to share really important innovations on ways to improve society…really!

Majority Of World’s Largest Companies Shifting To Clean Energy

New Study Shows Nearly 60 percent of World’s Largest Companies Have Renewable Energy or Greenhouse Gas Reduction Commitments, Citing Strong Business Case
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec. 10, 2012 /3BL Media/ – Despite climate and energy policy inching forward in Congress and at the UN climate change negotiations in Qatar, a new report from Calvert Investments, Ceres and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) shows that most of the world’s largest companies aren’t waiting on governments to embrace renewable energy and lower emissions.

CBRE, City Of Cleveland Share Employee Engagement Best Practices


In this column, we last discussed the connection stage of employee engagement. By connection, we mean taking a step beyond just presenting information --  the first stage -- and promoting interaction and a sense of belonging among employees, helping them make the home-work connection, supporting work-life balance and enabling them to share best practices with their peers and beyond. Deeply rooted connection leads to commitment, our third stage of employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Success through the Eyes of a Product Manager


When I started sketching ideas for YourMatch at the beginning of last year, I had four key objectives in mind. The new homepage experience needed to be personalized, actionable, feel local to users thousands of miles apart, and last but certainly not least, it needed to be inspiring.

Exciting News and Events Coming Soon from Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

By Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director, Boston College Center

We’ve been on the road extensively and have met with executives from across North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe over this past year. Consistent with the findings in our 2012 State of Corporate Citizenship research report that will arrive in members’ inboxes this month, we continue to see evidence that business leaders recognize that corporate citizenship delivers real business results.

Ryan Whisnant, Coalescent Services - Video Interview

Understanding Sustainability
Multimedia with summary

As a consultant for Coalescent Services, Ryan Whisnant works with companies to help them understand the breadth of sustainability issues. In this interview with Video4Good from the COMMIT!Forum 2012, he discusses his work, and the challenges businesses face around sustainability reporting and transparency.


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