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Infographic: HP Inc.'s 2018 Sustainable Impact Report Results

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HP announces 2018 Sustainable Impact Report results that seek to create lasting, positive change for the planet, its people, and communities.

Download the full infographic here and see their results. 

Bridgestone Group’s Sustainability Report Details Environmental Success and Reports on Strengthened Sustainable Procurement Practices, Including Human Rights Protection

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TOKYO, June 26, 2019 /3BL Media/ – Today the Bridgestone Group published its Sustainability Report 2018-2019 highlighting strong progress toward its global commitment to help achieve a more sustainable society. Two years ahead of schedule, the Group exceeded its 2020 goal of reducing global water withdrawal by 35 percent1.

The Stormwater Resilience Roadmap: Integration of Delivery Frameworks and Financial Capacity

Are water utilities exploring holistic alternative approaches to program planning, organizational capacity, service delivery and financing?

In an era when climate change, organizational capacity constraints, funding challenges and limited public support continue to test the resilience of a community's stormwater system, images of flooded neighborhoods and arterial streets turned into rivers highlight the urgency for a strategic vision and alternative approaches to stormwater management service delivery. The critical question is whether leaders and managers are exploring holistic alternative approaches that address program planning, organizational capacity, service delivery mechanisms and financing. 

Rain or Shine: Resilience Needs a Little More Attention

Are water utilities doing the right things to drive toward resilience?

It's been said that Texas suffers perennial drought, broken up by severe floods from time to time. These days, however, Texas isn't alone in its misery.

Las Vegas Sands Releases Newest Environmental Report

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This year was a year of sustainability milestones and achievements for Las Vegas Sands, the global Integrated Resort developer and operator with properties in Macao, Singapore, and Las Vegas. Detailed in their newest 2018 Environmental Report, the company highlights Sands ECO360 initiatives ranging from energy to waste and plastic, and expands on some of their most notable 2018 eco-moments. 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators


Some investors are aware that the United States’ aviation industry is facing a shortage of pilots within 10 years, as 15,000 pilots will be entering retirement. At the same time, fewer young pilots are going through training due to rising training and certification costs. It is now three times more expensive to become a commercial pilot than it was in 1990.* JetBlue’s relatively young age as a company is reflected in its pilot demographics, currently giving JetBlue an organic advantage over its competitors.

JetBlue Cuts Ground Emissions with Adoption of Electric Vehicles


To tackle ground emissions, we have been actively converting our fleet of owned conventional ground support equipment (GSE) to electric alternatives (eGSE). In line with the Opportunities Escalation Process, this was first identified as an opportunity for large-scale conversion in 2014. We then started a trial at JFK International Airport in 2015. Despite initial skepticism about electric vehicles before the trial, 70% of crewmembers using the vehicles preferred electric over conventional, as they offered similar or better technical performance with less noise and no fumes.

eBay Empowering U.S. Small Business Trade and Inclusive Growth

By: Cathy Foster, VP, Government Relations & Public Policy

The eBay Government Relations’ Advocacy & Policy Programs Team published a new report highlighting how eBay is driving small business trade and balanced and inclusive growth across the United States.


The eBay Government Relations’ Advocacy & Policy Programs Team published a new report highlighting how eBay is driving small business trade and balanced and inclusive growth across the United States.

INFOGRAPHIC: How the JetBlue Foundation Is Building a Diverse Aviation Industry


The JetBlue Foundation supports aviation-related education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, a strategic need for the aviation industry. No other airline has a foundation solely dedicated to supporting aviation education. We see an industry need for our strategic philanthropic focus:

Water Meets "New Energy": Surging Renewables Have Utilities Eyeing Alternative Power Sources

Water suppliers and wastewater service providers are grappling with ways to reduce power costs

Water and energy systems long have been intrinsically intertwined, given electricity's entrenchment as one of a water or wastewater utility's biggest expenditures. But as water suppliers and wastewater service providers grapple with ways to reduce power costs, advance toward "green" energy and participate in the electric industry evolution, there's talk of "ner energy."


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