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How Technology Is Leading Us to New Climate Change Solutions


A fresh wave of technological innovation is deepening our understanding of tough environmental challenges — and also giving us new ways to solve them. As thousands of business leaders and policymakers gather in San Francisco this month for the Global Climate Action Summit, these game-changing innovations will be showing up all over town.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Our Operations in India


We work aggressively to reduce the environmental footprint of our India facilities by developing solutions that address the country’s unique challenges to air and water quality.

Recycling and The Circular Economy: Turning Packaging into Products

By Lisa Ryden

In the last two to three years I’ve witnessed a growing interest in recycling, predominantly in relation to the plastics debate, as there is increasing public awareness of the unacceptable and unsustainable effects of (plastic) waste getting into the ocean. Even though Tetra Pak packages are made mainly from paperboard (about 75%), we are part of this conversation because we use plastic for openings, closures and some of the barrier layers.

Alaska Beyond Magazine | Pioneering Parks

America's National Park Service explores new ideas for sustainability and learning opportunities
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Denali National Park & Preserve, in a partnership with Subaru of America, has been conducting public outreach programs and installing infrastructure to reduce waste via the Denali Zero-Landfill Project.

Visit the Alaska Beyond Magazine website to read the full article.

About the Denali Zero-Landfill Project

From Treatment to Prevention - Shifting Focus of Reporting on Waste


Businesses have a direct influence on the production of their goods and play a major role in reducing waste generation. Updating the GRI disclosures on waste will emphasize ‘prevent’ over ‘treat’.

Ingersoll Rand Unveils Solar Power System at New Jersey Manufacturing Plant As Part of Its Global Climate Commitment

The site now generates about 15 percent of its power through 5,500 photovoltaic panels
Press Release

DAVIDSON, N.C., September 6, 2018 /3BL Media/– Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, announced that a 1,990 kW GE Solar PV power system is now online and generating power at its 430,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Trenton, N.J.

Graham Sinclair on Sustainable Financial Markets

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There is a nearly constant scroll of bad news passing before our eyes, from rampant income inequality and raging wildfires to climate devastation and white nationalists in the Oval Office. Somehow, though, the stock market just keeps chugging along. Corporate profits are up, so in the eyes of the average news consumer, the economy is “strong.” But what factors are we missing in this declaration of strength? This week on Sea Change Radio, we discuss the state of the financial services industry with Graham Sinclair, who has worked in the field for over a decade.

How Business Can Manage Climate Risk in Southeast Asia

New research funded by The Rockefeller Foundation to help companies build climate resilience in Southeast Asia

By Eileen Gallagher, Manager, BSR

Carbon Reduction Challenge Awards Top Prize to Chick-Fil-A Intern


A Georgia Tech undergraduate student teamed up with Chick-Fil-A staff over the summer to reduce millions of pounds of heat-trapping greenhouse gases while delivering significant cost savings. Casey Erb, a third  year environmental engineering student, worked on a diverse set of carbon-saving projects, ranging from LED lightbulb retrofits in Chick-Fil-A parking lots to changes to the company’s car rental program. Directed by Prof.

UN Global Climate Action Summit to “Take Ambition to the Next Level”


The Global Climate Action Summit is challenging people, communities, societies and economies around the world to ‘step up’ and take ambition to the next level across five key issue areas: Healthy Energy Systems, Inclusive Economic Growth, Sustainable Communities, Land and Ocean Stewardship and Transformative Climate Investments.


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