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Case Study: Sustainability Reporting Driving All-Round Improvement


Codelco, a state-owned mining company pioneered sustainability reporting in Chile, and has been a GRI reporter since 1999. Paul Maidstone, Corporate Director, Environmental Compliance at Codelco, talked to us about the foundational role reporting has had in driving Codelco’s sustainability journey.​ 

De Beers Partners to Hold Conference That Shines Light on Conservation Research

Progress in tackling some of the world’s most pressing conservation challenges has been highlighted at a major research conference in South Africa.

More than 200 conservationists, scientists, academics, students, nature lovers and activists heard about the latest developments in a series of research presentations at the 8th Oppenheimer De Beers Group Research Conference.

Learn, Evolve and Lead with the GRI Reporters’ Summit and GreenBiz 18


The learning and networking symposium for sustainability professionals is back –join us in Arizona!

Deep Impact: Six Takeaways from the Unreasonable Impact World Forum


Hosted by Barclays and the Unreasonable Group, the Unreasonable Impact World Forum brought together 27 innovative companies from around the globe to discuss new possibilities for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Here are six insights and ideas from key speakers:

1. ‘Unreasonable’ people find solutions

VIDEO | HP Boise Reinvents Landscape for Sustainability

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HP Boise’s landscaping project conserves water and wildlife, taking into consideration the local ecosystem and using local materials and plants. It is the first large corporate campus to earn a SITES certification in the state of Idaho, and the first corporate campus in the world to be certified using the SITES v2 rating system.This project is another example of how HP is reinventing for a more sustainable world. 

Bringing Transparency to Climate Change Actions

by Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer

For many companies around the world, the debate about climate change is over. Today, businesses large and small are taking decisive action to address the root causes of climate change. I’m pleased to see this strategy shift finally happening across all industries and sectors.

GRI’s Collaboration With PRI Boosts Responsible Investment and Action Towards the SDGs


GRI’s Chief Executive Tim Mohin and PRI’s Managing Director Fiona Reynolds signed a collaboration agreement on September 19 in New York.​

Domtar Sustainability: Pulling Our Weight


Unlike their counterparts in Pulp and Paper, our logistics colleagues in Personal Care don’t have a weight problem. Quite the opposite, they struggle to put it on.

Optimizing transportation efficiency is the objective for both of our divisions. They both strive to get the most product in a trailer. One is weight constrained. The other has a space issue.

Domtar Sustainability: Driving Forward Using the Rear-View Mirror


You wouldn’t drive forward using only your rear-view mirror. Yet for years that is how many companies, including Domtar, managed safety—using only indicators of past performance to chart a future course.

Today, we have begun steering to improved safety performance using forward-looking safety techniques— addressing potential safety hazards before they result in an injury.


Infographic: Two Decades of Growth in Sustainability Reporting

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Over a 20-year journey, GRI has created an outsized impact on the global economy, environment and society. GRI has helped more than 7,200 organizations use our reporting framework to disclose their sustainability impacts, and trained nearly 30,000 professionals to establish a sustainability reporting process. Our global network of core supporters, the GRI GOLD Community, comprises over 500 leading organizations from 68 countries – many of which have revenues larger than the GDPs of entire countries and supply chains spanning the globe. 


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