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HP Links $700 Million in Revenue to Sustainability Strategy

by Heather Clancy, Editorial Director, GreenBiz

It’s getting simpler for HP Inc.’s chief sustainability and social impact officer Nate Hurst to justify his strategy to his CFO. He lets the numbers do the talking.

Like this compelling data point: In 2017, HP calculates that at least $700 million in new revenue was related to contracts or sales in which sustainability factors were a known consideration.

What Can Sustainability Reporting Learn From the Evolution of Digital Music?

by Alyson Slater
GRI has introduced its first ever Digital Reporting Tool. It’s a first step in an exciting new direction toward making sustainability data available and accessible in digital format. As we drive innovative formats in corporate sustainability reporting beyond PDFs, what can we learn from the path the music industry took as they evolved from vinyl to CDs to digital streaming? 

How Sappi Measured Success for Its People in 2017

Multimedia with summary

At Sappi North America, we are committed to operating our businesses in a sustainable manner. Together with the 2020Vision— Sappi’s global growth strategy—we use our sustainability goals program to set targets, initiate improvement actions and monitor progress.

Achieve Zero Workplace Injuries

Expanding Access to Social Investing Opportunities


Innovative thinking is helping BNY Mellon harness the power of investment to create positive, lasting change. The key is social investing strategies, which are designed to generate returns while advancing gender equality, sustainable development, access for disabled persons or to address other social and environmental concerns.

The Future Is Digital: Get Started With GRI’s Digital Reporting Tool


Companies invest considerable time and resources to ensure that their reports are prepared in accordance with GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards, that the information is accurate, and that it reflects its true contributions to sustainable development. ​The entire organization is mobilized, and data is collected. But after the report is launched, often a PDF languishes somewhere on a website, all the valuable data locked within.

Sustainability Reporting: Switch from GRI G4 to Standards Due


On 1 July 2018, the transition from GRI’s G4 Guidelines to the Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards) will be complete. Read more about what this means for you, and for your sustainability reporting. ​

Fast Forward Helps Technology Nonprofit Shift Into High Gear


While working at a Bay Area nonprofit in the mid-2000s, Rey Faustino routinely took low-income students on tours of major technology companies.  He wanted the students to consider tech fields after high school as a path out of the housing, employment, and health care uncertainty that plagued many of their families.

But by the end of each tour, Faustino had more on his mind than career counseling.  He was thinking about the power of technology to connect people.  More specifically, the power of technology to connect his students to the services they desperately needed.

“Feed a Fever” Takes on New Meaning for Tech-Inspired Students of Color


Felecia Hatcher’s high school guidance counselor told her she would never make it in college.  Her response?  She taught herself to code, earned $130,000 in scholarships, and became one of the nation’s leading advocates for innovation and entrepreneurship among young people of color.

Eureka! Girls Inc. Helps Girls Find Their Passion in STEM Fields


Jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have grown substantially in the last few decades, but the number of women working in those jobs has not. In fact, in 2017, the U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration found the number of women in computer science and math actually declined.

The gender disparity in STEM occupations is consistent with findings that less than 30% of college graduates with STEM degrees are women. So just when does the divide between women and men — or girls and boys — with an interest in STEM careers begin?

Digital Literacy Unlocks Opportunity for All


For many of us, making connections or finding information online is second nature. But for others, navigating the internet is a small triumph that can lead to life-changing independence. It’s the spark that can ignite a new passion and open doors to future career paths.

The keys that unlock these life-changing moments? Digital literacy and access to technology — two areas of strategic investment at Comcast NBCUniversal that empower people and create opportunities for those who need it most.

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