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Sustainable Cities: Challenges and Opportunities in Japan

Posted by David Braun

Thought leaders from across Japan’s energy sector gathered in Tokyo last week to discuss the role energy will play in adapting the country’s cities to a challenging environment of aging and declining population and increasing dependence on foreign sources for food and fuel. Tokyo-Yokohama, the world’s largest urban concentration, is already in many ways in the vanguard of the future of urban centers. What happens in this mega city is being watched closely across the planet for ideas to emulate or avoid.

The List: 7 Ways to Decorate Naturally for Fall

Use leaves, fruits, and other natural items to make décor that’ll last all season.

Steer clear of the Halloween aisles, with their light-up inflatable yard ornaments and plastic wall hangings. Nature — supplemented by some stuff around your house — has all you need to get in the mood for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and autumn in general. By staying general with your seasonal décor, you can keep up the same decorations from now until Thanksgiving is over.

U.S. Fuel Economy Hit New Highs With 2013 Models

Posted by Christina Nunez

American cars are using less gas per mile and emitting less carbon dioxide than ever before, according to a government analysis released Wednesday. The average fuel economy of 2013 models is 27.6 miles per gallon for cars and 19.8 miles per gallon for trucks, “both of which are all-time highs,” said the report from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Eating Green: The Impact of Food Miles and Production, Meat and Veggies

The journey from farm to table has costs at every turn.

In the 2012 documentary The Fruit Hunters, there’s a shot of the produce section of a grocery store. The camera pans across an expanse of fruit-laden tables, all piled several feet high with apples, pears, potatoes, and much, much more. “Abundance,” the narrator intones.

The Latest Green News from Green Builder Media's Vantage

September 4, 2014 Edition

Germany: 100% Renewable by 2020 Germany currently has a target of producing 35% of its total electricity demand from renewables by 2020, and it’s arguably the best poised country in the world to hit this goal. Call me an idealist, but why not shoot for 100%?

Taxi-Sharing Boosts Energy Efficiency, But Will Riders Get on Board?

Study argues that traffic and pollution could be cut if more travelers shared a cab.

Many of us have had the deflating experience of arriving in a city by train or plane only to encounter a line at the taxi stand that seems to last longer than the trip to get there. But how many people waiting in that queue at, say, New York City's Penn Station could be sharing cabs to the same destination?

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) set out to answer that question, analyzing a year's worth of New York taxi trips.

5 Beauty Experts, 5 Shortcuts to Simpler Routines

These expert tips will keep you and the environment looking and feeling beautiful.

Why spend a small fortune on potentially toxic health and beauty products, when you can create your own with simple kitchen ingredients for half the price? Why buy your fashions from far away when you can get great products locally? Whether you’re going back to school or gearing up for chilly weather, September is the perfect time to evaluate your beauty and style regimens. A green beauty routine can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but parts of it can even double as fun indoor activities when the weather starts to get nippy.

SPF Americas Will Cover the Hottest Topics in EHS, Sustainability and Risk Technology

Conference Sessions will Highlight Mobility, Predictive Analytics and More

In less than two weeks 500+ attendees will gather in Chicago on September 25 & 26 to attend 50+ expert-led sessions. It will be the largest EH&S, Sustainability and Risk technology conference of the year and you can find out all about it on the SPF website.

Check out a few of the hottest sessions at SPF and then save your seat in the audience by registering today.

Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable Issues Guiding Principles on Ecosystems

Press Release

September 2, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) issued today a set of guiding principles on ecosystem services, intended to help beverage companies integrate ecosystem parameters into business decision-making. The principles seek to improve beverage sector environmental performance by optimizing operations, protecting biodiversity, replenishing natural resources used and engaging across the value chain.

BIER Guiding Principles on Ecosystems

LG Electronics, UL Environment Announce First GREENGUARD Certified Television

UL Environment Tests and Certifies LG’s Curved OLED TV for Low Emissions
Press Release

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., August 27, 2014 /3BL Media/ – UL Environment, a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and LG Electronics USA today announced the landmark achievement of GREENGUARD Certification for LG’s newest OLED TV, model 55EC9300. This certification is the first of its kind and sets a new precedent for television manufacturers to help create healthier indoor environments.


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