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Ford, Shell and Anglo American show why materiality matters


BrownFlynn recently got a firsthand look at the G4 guidelines and summarized the top nine things one needed to know. No. 1 on this list: "Materiality is a must."

Illinois Environmental Legislation 2013

What We Accomplished in 2013: Open Space, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Fracking Regulation,Green Stormwater Infrastructure and More

Recreation Liability Protections Return to Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Organizations after a 7 Year Fight

Grass Roots Youth Movement Speaks Out


Rising star Michael Armstrong used his voice - literally -  to take a stand on the world stage against human rights abuses and irresponsible sourcing practices from conflicted regions.

In an unprecedented ballad of traditional song, instruments and rap, Mr. Armstrong uses his musical talents as a world-class instrumentalist, singer and songwriter to say "enough".

Product Life Cycle—Reducing Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


GE Appliances is the first and only manufacturer to partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program to reduce emissions and materials from appliances typically sent to landfills.

Ongoing Printing Conservation Program Saves Money, Shrinks Footprint


This post was written by Larry R. Youngman, senior service delivery manager in IT Customer Computing.

In the course of my work providing IT services, I was struck by the volume of print that the company produces each month (in the domestic US). As our workforce transitions toward more mobile computing, I realized that we had an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and electricity use through paper and toner reductions. Further research also revealed that the printers we had in place were utilized only 20 percent of the time.

Conflict Minerals Alert: New International Requirements Impact Operations and Revenue


The international expansion of Conflict Minerals legislation has mobilized key executives from global companies to adopt supply chain transparency to appease court of law AND the court of public opinion.

Our panel of global experts from Canada and the European Union will address the international laws and their ramifications for public and private companies around the world.  Register for this June 12th webcast at 12:30 PM ET/ 9:30 AM PT. 

5th Class of Aspen Institute First Mover Fellows creates success for companies and communities

Verizon Foundation Director of Education Initiatives Named one of 19 Aspen Institute First Mover Fellows
Press Release

New York, June 5, 2013 /3BL Media/ - The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program today announces the fifth class of First Mover Fellows, individuals who are working within companies to unite business growth with a sustainable society in the products and services they are developing.

Rating Sustainably: Allen White & Mark Tulay

Multimedia with summary

Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious and little by little, investors are too. A company that shows regular profits might look like a sound investment, but if that company engages in irresponsible practices that are likely to create an environmental catastrophe, investors should know about it. Not only would investing in that company promote irresponsible behavior, it might well yield poor returns when the company finds itself facing multiparty lawsuits.

Three Winners of 2013 Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards Share $75,000 for Home Eco Solutions

Press Release

TORONTO, June 7, 2013 /3BL Media/ – They created new types of housing, web and mobile tracking tools and innovative design — all to help show Canadians how to use less energy and save on energy bills. Three winners of the 2013 Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards were named today for their innovations in home energy efficiency and took home $75,000 in award incentives -- the largest award of its kind in Canada. The winners were announced at a gala ceremony at the Art Gallery of Ontario, attended by some 150 guests, including leaders in innovation, clean energy technology and finance.

Youth Movement Springs to Life as Another Horrific Factory Disaster Unfolds


With a death toll of at least 120, the recent fire in a Chinese poultry processing plant has elevated this disaster to one of the country's worst in years.  As disasters like these occur more regularly, the youth have decided to use their voices to take a stand.

Rising star Michael Armstrong used his voice - literally - to take a stand on the world stage against human rights abuses and irresponsible sourcing practices from conflicted regions.


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