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Women Fight Back Against Devastation Caused By Mining


At the Mines and Money conference in London this week, a vigil is being held outside to honor inspirational women from around the globe who have been involved in resisting the ecological and social devastation caused by mining projects.  The group leaders want it to be known that they will not stand idly by while their communities become impoverished and millions of women are driven from their homes due to destructive mining projects. 

Reed Elsevier launches 2014 Environmental Challenge to Advance Access to Safe Water and Sanitation

Call for proposals to advance scalable solutions to water and sanitation challenges in developing countries
Press Release

Paris, December 3, 2013 /3BL Media/  – The 2014 Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge was launched today, calling for innovative proposals to ensure safe water and improved sanitation for at risk communities in developing countries. The winning projects will be announced in September 2014.

Toward Context-Based Reporting Webinar

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As the measurement  of corporate sustainability matures to become more commonplace, stakeholders are beginning to ask, "Are these new metrics really measuring true sustainability?" The emerging answer is, "only when applied in proper context." We'll present the state of the art in Context-Based Sustainability, followed by a dialogue on Autodesk's open-source methodology for calculating science-based carbon targets and Q&A, with an opportunity for listeners to send in their questions.

Bloomberg Goes Solar

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Bloomberg is committed to the development of on-site renewable energy. Our first renewable energy project was a 1.8 Megawatt solar system that contributes over 50% of the power needs at our Skillman, NJ office campus. This was followed by another rooftop solar installation at our San Francisco office. These projects reduce our dependence on the local power grid AND save us money!

Learn more about this and other energy saving projects.


Organizational Support


A culture of giving back to the community - embedded within the Company from its founding - has ensured that our operational and employee efforts relating to the environment achieved early success and adoption.  We contribute money, time and expertise to help charities and non-profit organizations globally.  We encourage our employees to pursue their charitable interests through our philanthropic efforts, thereby helping to develop the next generation of volunteers and philanthropists.


Major Car Manufacturer’s Conflict Minerals Compliance Question Answered In Webinar

Today is the last day to register to hear conflict minerals experts Michael Littenberg, Patricia Jurewicz and Jordan Groves answer your colleagues conflict minerals compliance questions

With only 1 day left until Source Intelligence’s end of the year Webinar, registration spots are filling up fast.  Don’t deprive your company of vital information from industry experts about preparing your conflict minerals report and streamlining your compliance program.

Sustainability at Bloomberg

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An overview of Bloomberg's Sustainability efforts. 


Learn more at www.Bloomberg.com/BSustainable

Plant Breeding Academy Opens In Nairobi That Will Boost Africa’s Food Supply With Improved Indigenous Crops

Groundbreaking Collaboration of International Organizations Aims to Leverage Genomes of 100 African Orphan Crops To Improve Nutrition
Press Release

NAIROBI, KENYA, Dec. 3, 2013 /3BL Media/ --- The African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) today opened the African Plant Breeding Academy to help improve the livelihoods of Africa’s smallholder farmers and their families, reduce hunger and boost Africa’s food supply.   AOCC’s goal is to use the latest scientific equipment and techniques to genetically sequence, assemble and annotate the genomes of 100 traditional African food crops to guide the development of more robust produce with higher nutritional content.

Home: Where the Hope Is


Every time we travel on business, and that is far too often nowadays, I find myself remembering that old adage, “home is where the heart is”. When practically the first thing you do upon returning home is start booking flights and lodging for the next trip, it is impossible to ignore just how great it feels to be “home”, even if you know that the light at the end of the tunnel is your next encounter with the “FASTEN SEAT BELT” sign. But I digress…

A Sincere Thank You


I have a lot on my mind during this week of Thanksgiving—another round of disappointing climate talks in Warsaw, the topic of product transparency (which took center stage last week at the Greenbuild conference), the extreme weather that is battering the east coast.


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