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Simon Zadek: Heading over the Carbon Cliff


We are heading for the edge of the carbon cliff, a far more scary prospect than any fiscal cliff we might imagine or create. And like lemmings, that curious small rodent that migrates in large herds and periodically suffers catastrophic population collapse as they, in hysterical error, cascade over cliff edges, we are rushing towards the precipice with behavioral abandon.

Students Team With GM to Develop Racing Handcycles for Wounded Vets


Gearheads at Michigan Tech and General Motors have developed three-wheelers specifically designed for wounded veterans who compete in marathons and other endurance events.

The three-wheeled handcycles were designed by students at the university’s medical engineering program and engineers from Chevrolet. They’ll be used by the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans in races nationwide.

The True Cost of Fashion


Here at Prove Your Purpose, we've been keeping an eye on CSR in the fashion industry. To continue our examination of the issue, we're thrilled to bring you a guest post from Amelia Brandt of Cone Communications' Sustainable Business Practice.

A Dairy Making Sure Manure Isn’t Waste


“It takes a lot of energy to produce milk,” Albert Straus tells us almost immediately after we arrive at his dairy. He would know. Straus owns and runs the Straus Family Dairy and a nearby creamery in Tomales Bay, just north of San Francisco. With knee-high boots trudging through mud, Straus shows us the 300 cows he manages, a herd whose milk becomes cheese, ice cream, butter, and yogurt that gets distributed across much of the U.S.

Richard Heinberg: “The Quest” For Truth

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Last year, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and energy consultant Daniel Yergin published his long-awaited sequel to the The Prize called 

Union Pacific Railroad Using Ultra Low-Emission Locomotives in Chicago Rail Yard

Seven Environmentally Friendly Locomotives are working at Union Pacific’s Rail Yard in Northlake, Ill.
Press Release

OMAHA, Neb., December 13, 2012 /3BL Media/ – Union Pacific Railroad today unveiled one of the seven ultra low-emitting diesel locomotives that are being used in a rail yard in the Chicago area. This locomotive was developed by Union Pacific and is part of the railroad's ongoing efforts to continue reducing air emissions in cooperation with federal, state and local environmental agencies.

Climate Counts Releases its 2012 Scorecard


By Karen Dam and Bahar Gidwani

Our friends at Climate Counts have just released their 2012 Scorecard.  It is the sixth time they have carefully reviewed the climate and environmental performance of a number of leading corporations—they scored 146 companies this year (up from 136 last year) on a number of different climate-related measures.

NuTek International Inc. and Caelus Begin Cooperation to Raise Awareness of ‘Ozone Laundry Systems’

Press Release

TULSA, Okla., December 10, 2012 /3BL Media/  - Caelus announced today that it has started cooperation with NuTek International Inc. (NuTek). NuTek is providing Caelus expert subject matter information about ‘Ozone Laundry Systems‘. NuTek is a leading provider of ozone systems and has a wide range of products. This information is being integrated into the latest version of the CurrentState Sustainability Audit offered by Caelus.  

Hello World!


We’d like to introduce ourselves as The Adventure Capitalists…YOUR Adventure Capitalists.

We have launched our firm to serve the good guys – yes, all of you that understand the importance of creating sustainability not only within your business, but also in your home, in your community, and in your life.

Green Data Centers: Why They Matter

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Did you know replacing an old server with a more energy efficient design could save up to 1 ton of carbon emissions?

With more and more data shared every day, data centers, which are often comprised of hundreds of servers, have an increasingly important job. In fact, in just one minute, more than 200 million emails are sent, 20 million photos are viewed and 60,000 hours of music are played. And, of course, more data means more energy.


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