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Business Model Evolution: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Tackles The Car Fleet Conundrum


As corporations increasingly integrate CSR as a critical business strategy, they often uncover opportunities to evolve their core competencies while on their journey to become more sustainable. One car rental company has decided to tackle sustainability head-on, broadening its service offerings to appeal to environmentally conscious corporate customers.

My 3-Step Strategy for Longer-Lasting Clothes

Own, trade, and restyle your duds to keep them around — and looking good — longer. Wallet, wardrobe, and world will all thank you.

With two daughters that are 3 years apart, I am lucky that my clothing budget for kid number two is significantly reduced.

The Secret Lifecycle of Recycled Paper

How well do you know the lifecycle of recycled paper?

As much as technology surrounds us, we are far from being a paperless society — from sales receipts to instruction manuals to children’s homework, paper is an intrinsic part of our society. Fortunately, paper is also fairly easy to recycle, and comes from a renewable (albeit slowly renewable) resource.

Europe, Middle East, Africa: Sustainable Solutions in Action

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FedEx on YouTube

FedEx works toward greater sustainability to deliver more opportunities for our customers, communities and our planet. Our role is to help the world connect more efficiently, while minimizing our impact on the environment. In Europe, Middle East, Africa and subcontinent India, FedEx Express has three solar-powered facilities, electric vehicles and tricycles to help minimize our environmental footprint.

Chris Whittier: Cousins In The Mist

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In 1988 a Hollywood movie called Gorillas in the Mist depicted the work of the noted primatologist Dian Fossey and brought well-warranted attention to the plight of the mountain gorilla. In the intervening years, the story of how the mountain gorilla has been saved from extinction has been a prominent narrative for the animal conservation movement. But we haven’t heard much lately about the mountain gorilla.

CITGO Launches Energy Efficient Lighting Program in the Bronx

39,000 CFL Bulbs to be Distributed to Low-Income Families
Press Release

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2013 / 3BL Media/ PRNewswire/ --  Representatives of CITGO Petroleum Corporation were joined by hundreds of Bronx residents today to celebrate the 2013 edition of the CITGO-Venezuela Energy Efficient Lighting Program (EELP) at the Bronx Spanish Evangelical Church in the Bronx. CITGO and its community partner, Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition, will provide 39,000 compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to help low-income families reduce energy costs and protect the environment. The Bronx is one of the communities in the 21 cities across the U.S.

JustGreen™ Lifestyle anuncia su asociación con National Parks Conservation Association para ayudar a detener el calentamiento global

National Parks Conservation Association es el Socio Oficial de Beneficencia de JustGreen Lifestyle en los EE.UU
Press Release

HOUSTON, Texas- 18 de septiembre del 2013 /3BL Media/JustGreen Lifestyle, un subsidiario de Just Energy Group Inc. (NYSE/TSX: JE), junto con National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) se complace en anunciar una asociación conjunta en un esfuerzo para ayudar a preservar nuestros parques nacionales y promover estilos de vida más verde y un medio ambiente más limpio para todos los estadounidenses.

Full-Wrap Label Consortium Reviews Positive Results Of Potential Solution To Solve PET Plastic Recycle Stream Issues

Press Release

Kingsport, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2013 /3BLMedia/ - In a continued effort to generate and test solutions to the recycling stream issues surrounding full-wrap labels on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, during its August 2013 meeting, the consortium toured a recycling facility and reviewed test results from a trial run using delabeling equipment. The test runs showed positive results, as the majority of labels were cleanly removed and the bottles sustained almost no damage, helping keep the recycling stream free of labels and maximizing yield.

JustGreen™ Lifestyle Partners with the National Parks Conservation Association to Help Stop Global Warming

“National Parks Conservation Association is the Official Charitable Partner for JustGreen Lifestyle in the U.S.”
Press Release

HOUSTON, Texas, September 18th, 2013 /3BL Media/JustGreen Lifestyle, a Just Energy Group Inc. (NYSE/TSX: JE) brand, together with National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) are pleased to announce a joint partnership in an effort to help preserve our national parks and promote greener and cleaner lifestyles for all Americans.

World Water Week Just Passed. Did You Notice?


Today, 780 million individuals still live without access to clean and safe water sources. Two and a half billion people lack access to improved sanitation facilities. One billion people defecate in the open.  Is that too much information?

Which leads me to ask why do I, or you as a business professional, care?


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