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SCS Global Services Lauds Announcement of Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration

As MSC Certification Body, SCS supports this commitment through certifications worldwide
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Congratulations to The Nature Conservancy, Marine Stewardship Council, Tri Marine, and the others involved in launching the Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration. SCS has provided third party MSC assessments of fishery management and seafood traceability since 2000. As a Conformity Assessment Body that focuses on environmental and social certification, SCS will continue to be an active leader in the industry, supporting this commitment to rid oceans of illegal tuna fishing and forced labor. 

Protecting Worker Bees Around the World

by Florian Trohay

Every third bite we take of food is the work of pollinators. Yet increasing stress on bee hives and habitat impacts agriculture as earth’s population keeps growing.

The health of our food chain is at stake without the work of pollinators. As a food company, we rely on Mother Nature and her creatures to thrive.

We Mean Business When it Comes to Climate Change

by Jerry Lynch, Chief Sustainability Officer at General Mills

These days, it’s nearly impossible to open up a paper, news website or even Twitter and not see mention of a climate-related issue. People everywhere – concerned citizens to climate scientists to federal legislators – are trying to understand what to make of it and what to do about it. According to NASA’s scientific-based evidence, climate change is real and is happening as 2016 was our warmest year to date.

Wessanen Releases Sustainability Report 2016


Every year Wessanen releases its integrated Annual Report including the latest Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s approach to creating environmental and social impact.

Olam International Combines Financial and Sustainability Reporting to Highlight Importance of Creating Holistic Value


Olam International has merged its Annual Report with its Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report for the first time, reflecting the interdependence of economic, social and environmental performance for the global agri-business and the importance of creating value across all three fronts.

This Earth Day, the World is Investing in the Most Valuable Asset We Have

Recognizing the role of natural resources in the world’s economies to support conservation and sustainable management

Tamara Coger of Tetra Tech’s Environment and Natural Resources sector discusses the benefits of investing in sustainable natural resources management to people, societies, and economies around the world. All opinions expressed in this post are the author’s own.

Sometimes, money really does grow on trees. And in mangroves, watersheds, oceans, and rainforests.

Waste is a Wonderful Thing to Mind

By: Pete Witkowski

Waste is a crucial issue for businesses; reducing waste doesn’t just prevent pollution and conserve energy, it saves companies money.  This is especially evident in the food service industry, where billions of dollars are lost due to food waste.  It’s very clear that waste reduction isn’t just about sustainability; it’s a business imperative.

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