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A Replacement for Blower Doors and Prepping your Home for Solar

Green Builder Media's January 28, 2016 Vantage Enewsletter

New "Pulse" Device Could Replace Blower Doors as a Fast, Easy Way to Test Airtightness The unit creates a short low-pressure pulse that can measure building leakage in about a minute.

Reflections on Laudato Si - Continued


All of this block quoting of the Pope is pretty convenient. I mean, it shortens up what I have to write considerably. I promise you I’m not being lazy though. Pope Francis has some important things to say, so here’s your next quote (emphasis again my own).

VIDEO: Develop a Plan on How to Improve Building Processes

The BASF HP+ Consultative Solution
Multimedia with summary

The multidisciplinary team of building scientists, architects, engineers and sustainable construction experts at BASF's Center for Building Excellence is using chemistry as the catalyst for more energy-efficient, durable and comfortable construction. Through our HP+ Consultative Solutions, we’re bringing their expert insight directly to you, connecting you to a wealth of knowledge about beyond code methods and more. 

Small Hydropower Expected to Grow and A Net Zero Neighborhood

Green Builder Media's January 14, 2016 Vantage Enewsletter

Sending a Message Has the building industry simply turned its back on issues like climate change, rapidly evolving technologies, emerging regulations, labor and materials, plus the economic uncertainties of building in the year to come?

Net Zero Neighborhood The 42 homes in this Seattle micro-community are super efficient and solar ready.

Net Zero Neighborhood

The 42 homes in this Seattle micro-community are super efficient and solar ready.

THE RAINIER VISTA COMMUNITY, located in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, began as a partnership between Dwell Development and the Seattle Housing Authority in 2010. Dwell Development’s owner, Anthony Maschmedt, committed to building 15 homes using green building techniques and high-performance technology that would help homeowners conserve resources and cut costs. The excitement and demand generated by the project led to an additional 36 homes over five years. The last home was completed and sold in July 2015.

How to Run Electrical Through Structural Insulated Panels

Builders at Mariposa Meadows are following these best practices for running electrical wires using chases.

Conversations with those new to SIPs inevitably turn to concerns and questions on how to run electrical through structural insulated panels. Most assume that the solid core of a SIP thwarts the efforts of your electrician to efficiently run wires through walls and roof. In actuality, with a bit of preplanning and knowledgeable SIP installers, Sparky can get wires from A to B with minimal effort.

Carnival Corporation’s New Sustainability Report Highlights Key Environmental and Social Initiatives

Report details company’s 2020 goals, reinforcing commitment to protecting environment by increasing water efficiency and reducing waste production, greenhouse gases and other emissions
Press Release

MIAMI, January 12, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK), the world's largest travel and leisure company, released its 2014 Sustainability Report in December detailing the company’s sustainability efforts across its 10 cruise line brands, including its 2020 sustainability goals.

Dynamic Buildings: Customizing Structures for Human Comfort and Sustainability


By Gabe Dunsmith

Architecture students at Purdue University are kick-starting a bold new initiative to integrate people into the design and operation of buildings they inhabit. As part of a broader effort to reestablish a relationship with one’s local environment, the students, led by Professor Thanos Tzempelikos, are redefining what it means to inhabit a space: buildings, they say, are not just static structures but dynamic entities that impact our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. And we can change them for the better.

Smart Home Leader Nexia™ Emphasizes Reliability Over Novelty

Exciting New Products and Windows 10 Integration Put Smart Homes within Reach for Everyone
Press Release

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2016 /3BL Media/ – While some companies dabble in color-changing light bulbs or stand-alone devices, smart home system leader Nexia™, a brand of Ingersoll Rand® (NYSE:IR), said the key to success is delivering reliable, secure and functional technologies that work together to make life easier and more convenient.

What Makes a Home "Livable?"

Green Builder Media's December 31, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter

What Makes a Home "Livable?" From a building science perspective, three things define a home's comfort level: moisture, temperature and noise.

Video: The Solar Airplane Has Already Become a Reality We predicted that it would happen soon. We didn't know how soon. Meet the Solar Impulse.


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