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Mental Disorders Impair Economic Success in Developed Countries

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry
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(3BL Media) Philadelphia, PA - July 31, 2012 - Mental disorders that emerge in childhood and adolescence, including attention-deficit disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse, constitute significant challenges to cognitive, emotional, and social development. As a result, it is perhaps not surprising that earnings and income are substantially reduced among people diagnosed with mental disorders.

Nonprofit Board Self-Assessment: Creating the Path Forward


Given financial threats and opportunities and a passion for their missions, a growing number of NGO/nonprofit boards are seeking to assess how they can become stronger and more effective in maximizing their greater potential.

Business executives and professionals and people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives who serve on NGO/nonprofit boards can bring valuable expertise in helping boards consider new revenue models and opportunities and explore ways of increasing the organization's impact through new partnerships.

The Korngold Board Vector: A New Board Self-Assessment Toolkit

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For NGO/nonprofit boards seeking to move their organizations forward, The Korngold Board Vector is a highly accessible, user-friendly new toolkit designed to help you assess board composition, structure, and practices, and plan next steps. This new self-assessment includes an online board survey, and provides the board and CEO with useful report to strengthen the board. A sample is provided here.


Nonprofit Boards: Leadership Development for Corporate Executives

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Nonprofit boards provide the ultimate leadership development experience for corporate executives and business professionals. While contributing vital expertise and resources in helping to advance a mission in which they believe, business people who serve on boards gain knowledge about regional, national, and global issues that relate to business, commerce, and public policy, and develop valuable personal and professional skills.

Korngold Consulting LLC Releases A New Nonprofit Board Self-Assessment Toolkit: For Boards Looking To The Future

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(3BL Media) New York, NY - July 30, 2012 – Korngold Consulting LLC, a leader and innovator in NGO/nonprofit board consulting, training, and placement services, announces the release of a new board self-assessment toolkit – The Korngold Board Vector.

The DetermiNation Party at the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon


By David Pittman

Last Sunday, Team DetermiNation crashed the party at the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon, and as is always the case with DetermiNators, they were a huge crowd pleaser. But more than that, they were a smash hit and doing what DetermiNators do best: honoring people they love and raising money to kick cancer’s ass. Our 160 runners raised over $240,000! According to the special name tag that was given to DNation athletes at our private gear check, that money is enough to:

Eating in Moderation: The Understated Dieting Secret

Sodexo dietitian offers a simple secret to dieting - don't make yourself miserable

Dieting can be a very overwhelming idea when you start to think about eating boring, tasteless food. And I’m sure it doesn’t help to think about giving up all of your favorite foods either. First of all, dieting doesn’t have to mean “boring and tasteless” — and you don’t have to give up your favorite foods either. Moderation is one of the most common words dietitians use in the field. We like to teach people the healthy and happy way to go about dieting. Let me give you a little perspective.

Sanofi Signs Agreement for Type 1 Diabetes Research with Boston Academic Teaching Hospital


Sanofi has entered into a partnership with Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) to focus on immunology of type 1 diabetes. Researchers from both organziations, who share knowledge and expertise in this area, will conduct studies that will create an immunomodulatory approach to treat type 1 diabetes. Both organziations are excited with this partnership and believe that with the resources from Sanofi and BWH, a breakthrough on new treatment options will be afforded to those individuals living with type 1 diabetes.

Penn State, And How Nonprofit Boards Will Shape Up In The Wake Of Scandal


To begin with, many of you did plenty. If you’re reading this post, then it’s likely that you’re active in social media. Public attention to recent nonprofit board scandals, as well as robust participation via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media has been influential in the cases of Penn State, University of Virginia, and the Komen Foundation. There were financial and reputational consequences for organizations led by people who made bad decisions.

A Patient Shares How the Sanofi Patient Connection Program Helped Her

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The Sanofi Patient Connection™ is an assistance program that aims to provide a support network for patients, ranging from access to medical services and resources, to financial reimbursement.  Since its inception, our patient assistance program has aided more than 6 million people.


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