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Nonprofit Board Scandals: Let Them Move Governance Forward


The nonprofit board scandals of the past year are highly distressing: revealing everything from complete board dysfunction in the firing of the CEO at the University of Virginia, to the cover-up of criminal behavior at Penn State, to policy decisions that arguably destroyed Komen's leading nonprofit brand. In all three cases, the financial and reputational losses are quite severe. People to be served by the mission and outsiders have been harmed, the victims at Penn State devastatingly so.

Fighting HIV/AIDS, Part of Our Commitment to Caring


From Paul Stoffels, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals Group, Johnson & Johnson

The fight against HIV has been part of my life’s work and one of my greatest passions. I first met this enemy as a young physician in training in Africa in the early 1980s. Today, as Worldwide Chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Group of Johnson & Johnson, I am privileged to be part of a company whose purpose is caring for people.

Chrysler Donates Two 3-D laser Scanners to the Fondation du CHUQ for CHU de Québec’s Breast Prosthesis Project

Press Release

(3BL Media) Quebec - July 20, 2012 - The Fondation du CHUQ and Chrysler Group LLC met on July 17th at Hôtel-Dieu in Quebec City, along with the people behind the custom-fit breast prosthesis project, to confirm the donation of two 3-D scanners. Once used for creating automotive components, the scanners are being repurposed to help women who have undergone complete or partial removal of one breast and who wish to get an external prosthesis to replace the lost breast.

Kenneth Cole Joins Companies Fighting to Lift Travel Restrictions for People Living with HIV

CEOs from the world’s leading companies call on 46 countries to repeal HIV-related travel restrictions
Press Release

(3BL Media) Washington - July 23, 2012 - Prominent CEOs from the world’s leading companies, including Levi Strauss & Co., The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Virgin Unite, called today on 46 countries to lift travel restrictions for HIV-positive people. 

More than 20 CEOs from leading companies have signed a pledge to oppose HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence, saying such laws and policies are not only discriminatory, they are bad for business. 

EcoMedia Community Projects Having Impact All Across the U.S.A.

EcoAd, WellnessAd and EducationAd funding now making a significant difference for nonprofit groups and advertisers nationwide
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It's been an exciting and dynamic first seven months of 2012 for CBS EcoMedia as our EcoAd, WellnessAd and EducationAd programs are now funding projects all across the country - and we've only just begun to impact the social issues we care so much about.  Our pipeline of projects for the rest of the year is growing rapidly and exponentially and we'll be celebrating dozens more environmental, wellness and education projects in communities from coast to coast before this year is through.  

Lee National Denim Day® Names American Cancer Society as New Beneficiary

Press Release

(3BL Media) Merriam, KS - July 19, 2012 - Lee® Jeans is proud to announce today that the American Cancer Society is the new beneficiary of Lee National Denim Day. Those who join the Denim Day movement by wearing jeans and making a donation during the month of October will help benefit the American Cancer Society’s life-saving efforts in communities nationwide and through ground-breaking cancer research.  

Getting in the Zone

A GSK employee talks about her kids' acting debut in new PSAs

The MGM Resorts Foundation Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Pledges $4.7 Million to Nonprofit Charities to Strengthen Communities

July 17th Proclaimed “MGM Resorts Foundation Day” in Light of Anniversary
Press Release

(3BL Media) Las Vegas, NV - July 17, 2012 - MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) today announced that Company employees in 2012 have pledged $4.7 million to nonprofit organizations and programs serving the communities in which it operates in Nevada, Michigan and Mississippi.

Tackling the Population Challenge, One Story at a Time!

Media Impact's approach to population issues
Press Release

(3BL Media) July 12, 2012 - Yesterday, on World Population Day, the international community drew attention to the deep implications of population growth – not only on natural resources, but on sustainability, urbanization, access to health services and economic opportunities.  These far-reaching consequences have been a central focus of Media Impact’s work.


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