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Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics: Supply Chain Tracability Auditing

Breaking down the basic terminology of conflict minerals compliance

In this instalment of “Conflcit Minerals Compliance Basics,” we will be going over supply chain tracability auditing. 

Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics: Data Quality Control

Breaking down the basic terminology of conflict minerals compliance

In this edition of “Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics,” we are covering data quality control. 

Today Is The End Of The Conflict Minerals Reporting Period: How to Prepare Your Report & Streamline Your Compliance Program

Source Intelligence's Webinar on Conflict Minerals Filing Chalenges
Multimedia with summary

If you missed the live stream of Source Intelligence’s “Conflict Minerals Filing Challenges” webinar don’t worry, here it is.  The webinar addressed the steps that can be taken right now to get your organization ready to comply by the May 2014 reporting deadline. Their cast of experts helped viewers gain cross-industry best practices to craft a streamlined process and implement a conflict minerals program for reporting and beyond.

The experts featured were:

M23 Rebels and Congolese Government Sign Peace Treaty

Dodd-Frank's role in the rebels peace deal

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and rebel group M23 signed a peace treaty in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The armed group began to grow weak from failed attacks against DRC troops with UN support. The M23 rebels were originally part of the country’s army but deviated in 2012 disrupting the public and deploying acts of terrorism. The militia became the latest version of Tutsi-led guerrillas, fighting over the mining and trade of rich minerals in the eastern provinces of Africa. 

Job Opening: Program Assistant at Social Accountability International


Program Assistant

The Program Assistant position shares responsibilities between the Executive Office and the Program Departments of SAI.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Executive Office functions:

  • Provide administrative support for the executive office including:

o   Schedule all appointments, meetings, and international travel for the President

Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics: How Does Tin Fit In Your Life?

Breaking down the basic terminology of conflict minerals compliance
Multimedia with summary

Today in "Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics," we will examine tin, one of the most utilized conflict minerals, useing this info graphic.

Most commonly seen in the electronic industry, tin is often used to coat other metals to prevent their corrosion and to create alloys.

This Holiday Give Your Company The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Conflict mineral compliance from Source Intelligence is what you company is asking for this holiday. Don’t let it down!

This holiday season Source Intelligence has gotten ahold of your companies wish list and high on that list is coming into compliance with conflict minerals legislations. The new year not only brings with it parties and new resolutions but also the end of the conflict minerals reporting period. Don’t let your company be left out in the cold by being one of the only companies in your industry to be filing undeterminable. 


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