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Introduction to Conflict Minerals 

Source Intelligence Launches its 5th Newsletter


In response to requests for a single source "news alert" on key events in supply chain and regulated materials compliance, Source Intelligence is pleased to introduce "From The Source," a direct mail and web-based newsletter written to keep you informed at a glance.

2014 promises to be an exciting year as the theme of "transparency" and the impact of technology continue to transform the delivery chain of products, impacting every player up and down stream.

EU's Approach to Conflict Minerals


This March the EU’s trade chief will take an aggressive approach regarding the importation of Conflict Minerals stemming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its neighboring regions. The voluntary movement is in high prospect to understand the exact source of the minerals and how to avoid sourcing from the areas of conflict. 

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Important Details


In 2013 the SEC has issued $468 Million in fines for violations with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) to date.  Moving into 2014 enforcement of the FCPA will continue to be a high priority area for the SEC.  This financial wake up call which comes on the heels of Wal-Mart’s high profile Mexican bribery case has the worlds most recognized multi-billion dollar companies seeking better visibility into activities at the agent, subsidiary and/or supplier level.  

Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics: Companies That “Contract to Manufacture” Products


In this edition of “Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics,” we will cover if companies that “contract to manufacture” products are subject to Dodd-Frank 1502.

Foreign Corrupt Practices: U.S. Industry Supply Chains


Foreign corrupt practices are becoming a loud issue in the spectrum of industry supply chain transparancy. In recent headlines Wal-mart has issued a hefty finincial projection for the following fiscal year regarding FCPA costs by an estimated 200 million. The retail tycoon reportedly spent 157 million in 2012 on expenses for federal compliance. Wal-mart is not the only large retailer struggling with compliance in FCPA but many manufacturing industries are facing the strict and ethical principles demanded by the U.S. federal government. 

How Human Rights Plays a Key Role in Sappi's Sustainability Goals

Sappi takes a very active approach to social responsi¬bility, driving key initiatives in support of our three key stakeholder groups: our employees, our customers and the local communities in which we operate.

One of the ways in which we improve the lives of people is by pro­moting freedom of association, nondiscrimination and the abolition of forced and child labor. We also uphold the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sappi Limited has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2008. We submit an annual communication on progress that describes our compa­ny’s ongoing efforts to support the social and environ­mental principles of the UNGC. This report can be found at under the “Group Sustainability” section.

Conflict Minerals Compliance Basics: Who Will Have To File


This time on “Conflict Minerals Reporting Basics” we will cover who is required to to file a conflict minerals report.

Sustainability Report: Employees

A high-performance work environment relies on healthy, committed, well-trained employees.

Greater job satisfaction results in lower turnover and helps create a corporate culture that attracts top talent to the company. An active, engaged workforce is more productive and capable of realizing their fullest potential at work and at home. SFPNA understands that by creating a dynamic and encouraging environment, we are not only supporting our employees’ health and well-being, but building a better future as a company.

Conflict Minerals Filing Challenges: How to Prepare Your Report & Streamline Your Compliance Program


If you missed the live stream of Source Intelligence’s “Conflict Minerals Filing Challenges” webinar don’t worry, here it is.  The webinar addressed the steps that can be taken right now to get your organization ready to comply by the May 2014 reporting deadline. Their cast of experts helped viewers gain cross-industry best practices to craft a streamlined process and implement a conflict minerals program for reporting and beyond.

The experts featured were:


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