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Employee Engagement and Sustainability go Hand in Hand at TD

How to Achieve Employee Engagement 2.0 (Greenbiz blog)
Taking employee engagement to the next level and embedding sustainability into the business has been a common theme discussed in recent webinars, panels and industry conferences. However, while people recognize the challenge, the question of how to implement it remains. 

One Man's Treasure...

There is magic in creating something useful from discarded objects

Like me you very likely received a mail with “OMG, check this out!!,” and clicked a link to watch a YouTube video of a Paraguayan man who together with his garbage collector friend builds instruments from trash, and coaches youngsters who live along the trash heaps how to play these instruments.  

Check out the video here

The Secrets of Engaging Millennials - #3BLChat


3BL Media’s recent Twitter chat focused 60 minutes of crowd sourced knowledge sharing with guest expert Chris Jarvis (@RealizedWorth) unearthed a treasure trove of resources and leadership examples.

A priority theme for many HR (and CSR) professionals, especially those in technology related industries, the conversation covered the range of sub-topics from recruitment, productivity, retention and communications. There is obviously a growing overlap between HR and CSR in general, but Millennial engagement is probably the strongest focal point, and for good business reasons.

100,000 Jobs Mission Reaches Goal Seven Years Early; Companies Hire 117,439 U.S. Military Veterans

Coalition Doubles Hiring Commitment and Grows to 131 Companies
Press Release

New York, Jan. 27, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The 100,000 Jobs Mission announced today that its coalition members hired a total of 117,439 U.S. military veterans by the end of 2013 – surpassing the coalition’s original goal seven years early.  

CEO of Tiffany & Co: A CSR Movement


Michael J. Kowalski, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Tiffany & Co expressed his motivation for CSR and transparency in the jewelry industry. The historic brand has thrived over the last 170 years with upscale jewelry and is taking action in ethical sourcing. Global gemstone and diamond trade has been at the root of conflict in various mineral rich regions of Africa and has accounted for millions of deaths. Kowalski explained Tiffany & Co.

Big Demands and High Expectations: What Generation Y Wants from Business, Government, and the Future Workplace

Press Release

DAVOS, SwitzerlandJan. 22, 2014 /3BL Media/ -- Big demands and high expectations summarize the results of this year's Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's (DTTL) third annual Millennial Survey released today.  Across the globe, 70 percent of tomorrow's future leaders might 'reject' what business as traditionally organized has to offer, preferring to work independently through digital means in the future.

7 Leading Industry Associations Join Forces To Launch The Single Largest Initiative To Help Address Conflict Minerals Compliance Questions

Press Release

Washington DC, January 21, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Seven of the world’s largest industry associations collaborate with Source Intelligence and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP to launch the first cross-industry training and resource center, addressing the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Conflict Minerals compliance regulation.

New Supply Chain & Regulated Materials Management Newsletter

"From The Source" keeps you up to date with industry news

In response to requests for a single source "news alert" on key events in supply chain and regulated materials compliance, Source Intelligence is pleased to introduce "From The Source," a direct mail and web-based newsletter written to keep you informed at a glance.

2014 promises to be an exciting year as the theme of "transparency" and the impact of technology continue to transform the delivery chain of products, impacting every player up and down stream.

The Civic 50: Creating a Framework for Real Shared Value


Companies are connecting the dots between their community work and their business bottom-line.

Nearly three years after Michael Porter and Mark Kramer published “Creating Shared Value” in the Harvard Business Review calling on businesses to create economic value in a way that also creates social value, we are now seeing a growing number of companies step up to turn that vision into reality.


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