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New Mental Health Investments for Dow COVID-19 Relief

Dow and the Dow Company Foundation have provided a total of $4.5MM for COVID relief

The pandemic continues to impact our health and safety, our economy, our culture – everything from the way we work to the way we shop…the way we gather to the way we learn. But even through the hardship – Dow continues to find ways to use our resources to support the pressing needs of our people and communities, and we are seeing the positive impacts of our collective efforts.

While 2020 was an extremely challenging year, once again our company values continued to guide us forward.

Alkermes Honors Black American Pioneers in Mental Health

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In celebration of Black History Month, we're honoring Black American pioneers in the field of mental health. Their invaluable contributions have helped shape the field. Check out Mental Health America’s profile piece on a few of these leaders:

Aflac Program Soothes and Engages Childhood Cancer Patients


By Shannon Dominy

“We have heard from several parents and child life specialists at hospitals saying that My Special Aflac Duck has helped provide social and emotional support for children who have been in greater isolation during their cancer journey as a result of the pandemic,” said Jon Sullivan, the director of corporate communications at Aflac.

Keeping Mental Health in Mind During a Pandemic Winter

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As many parts of the country enter the season of shorter days and colder temperatures, it’s important for all of us to consider making a wellness plan to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Discover ways to help improve your wellness and mental health:

SK-II and Olympic Athletes Challenge Us to End Toxic Competition in Beauty


Competition brings out the best in us. It pushes us further, drives us harder and makes us stronger. We celebrate it and revel in it. But there is one place where it does not bring out our best — beauty. It is the one competition that no one signed up for, but still many feel the pressure of competing beauty standards, rules and limitations. These toxic competitions dictate how we should look, feel and act, which can hold us back in our daily lives.

R.A.A.P. and RISE: Supporting People of Color Struggling With Mental Health Issues


“I’m passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health in the Black community,” says DeShawn Williams, a licensed clinical social worker.  “We don’t want to be seen as weak.  No one wants to say, ‘I have a problem.’”  Providing Black youth and families in Portland with mental health counseling is the mission of his business, R.A.A.P. Counseling and Consulting.

When COVID-19 Struck, They Answered the Call for Help

How 211 helped people keep their homes after the pandemic threw them out of work

When COVID-19 threw millions out of work, threatening their ability to feed and house their families, specialists at NC 211 were there to help.

People can call, text or email 211 across the country to find support for housing and utility assistance and other social services. In 2019, the service’s representatives answered nearly 12 million calls. Because of the pandemic, the agency expects that number to double in 2020.

Hindsight Is 2020

This year, like everything else, resolutions are looking different — thankfully the year behind has offered us a blueprint for the year ahead.

Last year around this time, we at T-Mobile Stories were thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Heck, we even offered up “5 Ways Your Device Can Help You Keep Your 2020 Resolutions” (There’s still some pretty solid advice there, even a few tips we didn’t know we’d need just a couple months later. “Do Not Disturb” mode, anyone?)

Alkermes Provides Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

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High expectations, loneliness and stress can sometimes lead to the “Holiday Blues.” The tips above may help you manage the challenging holiday season but Mental Health America's Finding Help guide offers more support if needed. 

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Companies Refocus Efforts on Essential Workers, but More Support Is Needed


As the United States breaks the record for most deaths in one day this Wednesday, the strain on healthcare and essential workers has become immense.


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