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Ian Desmond Joins Action Team Captains at Park Cleanup in Palmetto, FL

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This past Saturday, Action Team Captains from Manatee School for the Performing Arts had a special admirer show up for their monthly cleanup activity at Palmetto Park. Ian Desmond, shortstop for the Washington Nationals, and a native of nearby Sarasota, met with the Team Captains to discuss the importance of volunteering and commend them on their efforts and dedication to giving back to their community.

What's Next for Good Business?


Times have changed dramatically since those early conversations. As I sat in front of my laptop on January 1st, big cup of coffee already mostly empty on the desk as I charged up for the coming year, I read the many predictions for corporate social responsibility and sustainability forecasted for 2015. Across the board, three key themes resonated through every prediction: 

How Can Brands Build a Culture of Responsibility?

by Misha Pinkhasov

One thing holding CSR back is its persistent treatment as a program within the business enterprise, distinct from core business activity. At best, it is treated like a corporate service, such as IT, finance, legal and HR. But it is still far from being considered a fundamental part of a company’s culture and brand identity. Yet only when CSR uptake makes the transition from being a feel-good or risk management add-on to being an integral part of a company’s purpose, will it be seen as contributing to a company’s ability to create value.

Growing Internal Investment at SPONSORIUM as Business Expands

Rob Mitchell Appointed Vice President, Sales & Partnerships, EMEA
Press Release

January 29, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Rob Mitchell, the former Head of Sponsorship at the Leo Burnett Group, has been appointed Vice President, Sales & Partnerships, EMEA at Sponsorium, the leading sponsorship and community investment management software provider.

Mitchell's appointment follows the news that Mark Cornish has moved to the new position of Vice President, Alliances & Educational Services at Sponsorium.

Sanofi Volunteers + Continuous Improvement Know How = Success for Midland School

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January 28, 2015 /3BL Media/ - For most nonprofit organizations, resources are tight. Hiring specialists to provide professional expertise can be out of reach. That’s why the Midland School in North Branch, N.J., is grateful for all Joel Gross and Bill Kelley, Senior Manager and Manager, respectively, of Global Services Continuous Improvement did to share their process improvement skills at special education school dedicated to the individual, academic, social, emotional and career education needs of children ages 5 through 21, with developmental disabilities. 

Rethinking The Three Rs: Why We Need A New Model Of Education


In America, traditional schooling has frequently drawn inspiration from the trusty “three Rs”: writing, reading and arithmetic.

But as the technology sector continues to boom, educators have realized that this trifecta is no longer the end-all, be-all recipe for their students’ success. For today’s K-12 students, technology is a fact of life that affects everything from the way they digest information to the way they socialize.

PepsiCo Partners to Deliver Safe Water: The Columbia Water Center


As a global food and beverage company, we understand that access to safe water is fundamental to our business and the communities where we operate. It impacts both our internal company operations and our supply chain, much of which is dependent on water-intense agricultural activities. For us, the necessity of water stewardship is immediate: there is no business without water. 

Sanofi Pasteur Provides Significant Donation to East Stroudsburg Salvation Army

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As part of their local philanthropic and community programming, last month Sanofi Pasteur – the vaccines division of Sanofi -- provided a significant monetary contribution to the Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg. Funding will support The Salvation Army’s Feeding Program, which includes both the food bank and soup kitchen programs. Through the donation thousands of hot meals and food baskets will be provided to some of the most in need populations in Monroe County. During the past decade the company has been a primary corporate donor to The Salvation Army.


New Study Finds Employee-Directed Corporate Philanthropy Boosts Employee Happiness and Performance


A study by two professors at the University of Southampton in the UK found a strong positive correlation between employee-directed corporate philanthropy and workplace productivity. While direct financial incentives certainly boost performance (such as bonuses tied to productivity), the study found a significant increase in productivity when corporations offered to make donations to charities and causes picked by employees.


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