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On World Environment Day, Las Vegas Sands Announces Results of Sustainability Challenge

Global Team Member campaign reduces food waste
Press Release

LAS VEGAS , June 6, 2017 /3BL Media/ - During the month of May, Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS) Team Members around the globe participated in the company's annual Sands ECO360 Clean Plate Challenge, a campaign aligned with the company's sustainability program to reduce food waste.

Black & Veatch: Water Utility Leaders Driving Toward Sustainability

Latest Strategic Directions Report examines role of data analytics and true cost of delivery
Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, June 6, 2017/3BL Media/ – Customer education, infrastructure modernization and the use of data analytics will be key tools to overcoming the water industry’s perennial challenges posed by aging infrastructure.

Unreasonable Impact | One of the World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Fleets Is Providing Tomorrow’s Transportation, Today

by Brittany Lane

Based in India, Lithium Urban Technologies is pioneering a shift toward more sustainable urban mobility, operating the most productive electric vehicle fleet in the world. This company is India’s first 100 percent, zero emission transport service, providing a large fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) along with highly trained and certified drivers.

Ecocentricity Blog: Front Three - Renewable Energy


It turns out that we already have some remarkably innovative renewable energy storage solutions. Tip of the cap to Drawdown for clueing me in on a cool one: gravitational potential energy.


It turns out that we already have some remarkably innovative renewable energy storage solutions. Tip of the cap to Drawdown for clueing me in on a cool one: gravitational potential energy.

Celebrating World Environment Day with Product Innovations


Today marks the United Nation’s World Environment Day, a day designed to encourage worldwide awareness and action for environmental protection. But this day is more than just a personal celebration of environmental action. It’s an opportunity to recognize that environmental excellence is not just corporate social responsibility, but a critical business driver to foster growth and create value.

Reducing Emissions with $60M of NextGen Technology


“Change is hard, but new technology offers us transformative opportunities to modernize our air traffic control organization in the United States. We should seize this opportunity to do the right thing!”

—Byron Dorgan, former U.S. Senator and Chair of the Senate Aviation Panel

The Body Shop Puts Its Advertising to Work for Healthier Cities


Air pollution remains an unseen global killer – with nearly 6.5 million deaths a year attributed to pollution we breathe every day – that's four times the amount of people killed on the world's roads, according to The Guardian. In fact, in the U.K. alone, high levels of NO2 cause more than 60 premature deaths a day.

AkzoNobel Partners With the Ocean Cleanup for Largest Clean-up in History

Press Release

June 2, 2017 /3BL Media/ - The complete removal of plastic from the world's oceans has moved a step closer after AkzoNobel joined forces with The Ocean Cleanup to help turn the tide on marine pollution.

The partnership involves AkzoNobel providing advanced, biocide-free coatings technology for all the devices and equipment used by The Ocean Cleanup for the next five years.

It represents a major contribution to the organization's landmark efforts to clear plastic from our oceans. The cleaning is due to begin in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the next 12 months.

Statement from Keep America Beautiful Concerning Decision by United States to Withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

Press Release

STAMFORD, Conn., June 1, 2017 / 3BL Media/ — Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s iconic community improvement nonprofit organization, believes that meaningful, lasting change is best achieved when NGOs and social service organizations, businesses, government, academia and individuals — reflecting the strength and diversity of our nation and the world — join together to take responsibility with collective action.

Helping Reebok Grow a Plant-Based Shoe

By Laurie Kronenberg

At the heart of a circular economy is the reengineering of conventional linear production models so that value creation is decoupled from the consumption – then disposal - of finite resources.  What was once considered waste becomes the feedstock for new processes.  One way to drive this shift toward circularity is by designing renewable materials that can displace the use of sensitive or fossil-based resources. 


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