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Loan Guarantees for U.S. Renewables Making a Comeback

Posted by Pete Danko
Federal loan guarantees for renewable energy, which spurred the development of massive projects like the recently completed Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California – and roiled the 2012 elections – are emerging from hibernation.
More than two years after closing the last such loan guarantee, the U.S. Department of Energy announced on Wednesday that it intends to make up to $4 billion available “for innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects located in the U.S. that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gases.”

AECOM’s Fifth Urban SOS Student Competition Seeks Designs for “New Industry”

Press Release

NEW YORK, April 17, 2014 /3BL Media/ - AECOM has launched “Urban SOS: Towards a new industry,” its fifth Urban SOS student competition. Open to students at undergraduate and graduate levels around the world, this year’s competition seeks interdisciplinary design responses that generate economic development and improve urban conditions at sites of derelict industrial infrastructure. For complete submission requirements, see

Solar Chimneys Can Convert Hot Air to Energy, But Is Funding a Mirage?

Veteran balloonist is among those eyeing solar updraft towers as an alternative to traditional panels.

Chile's Atacama Desert is as eerily beautiful as it is barren, hot, and dry. Yet this seemingly inhospitable patch of Earth might be the perfect host for a different kind of solar energy, one that has nothing to do with photovoltaic panels.

Why do we celebrate Earth Day if the Earth doesn't care?

Google+ Hangout Live Broadcast: Monday, April 21, at 5 p.m. EDT
Multimedia with summary

Nature always wins. The Earth will experience seismic activity, volcanic activity, pandemics and cyclical changes in climate that will affect our lives in some way. There’s no disputing this, so how can we be ready to keep our families and loved ones safer and more resilient to the weather? How can we work with the knowledge we have on sea-level rise, the frequency of flooding and storms, global population growth, energy use, infrastructure status, water resources and food security? 

Advancing Wind Energy

Huntsman products help make wind energy generation more efficient. It's just one part of the sustainable future we see. To explore our other sustainability efforts, check out our sustainability report:

Advancing wind energy

Thirty years ago a single wind turbine generated a half megawatt of electricity per year – enough to power approximately 500 homes. Today, wind turbines are being built that can potentially generate ten megawatts, or enough energy to power approximately 10,000 homes a year. This dramatic increase in generation capacity is made possible by lighter, stronger materials. Materials that Huntsman is at the forefront of innovation in creating.

U.S. Homeowners to Benefit from Groundbreaking Home Energy Loan Financing Platform

New National Public-Private Partnership to Transform the Home Energy Loan Market - Warehouse Facility to Facilitate $100 Million Medium Term Note Program
Press Release

San Francisco, CA, April 9, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Homeowners across the United States will benefit from an innovative public-private partnership announced today to make it easier to find lower-cost loans for home energy efficiency improvements.  Leading institutions from the public and private sectors today announced the formation of a national financing platform that will for the first time bring low-cost, large-scale capital to government and utility-sponsored residential energy efficiency loan programs – which can be utilized by homeowners in states that participate. 

U.S. Used More Energy in 2013 Than the Year Before, But Efficiency Is Up Too

Posted by Pete Danko

Energy use increased in the United States in 2013 as a fourth consecutive year of economic growth exerted its influence, but the longer-term trend shows the country operating with greater efficiency while also revealing the small but growing role of renewable sources like solar and wind.

Continue reading on The Great Energy Challenge Energy Blog.

Ohio’s Clean Energy Standards Under Attack Again by ALEC

By Dick Munson

Ohio’s clean energy agenda has taken many hits in the past, particularly from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a front group and model bill factory for many corporate interests including oil, gas, and coal.

Water Needs Energy, and Energy Needs Water: Canadian Power

by Robyn Hall

A quarter of the energy supply in Ontario is provided by renewable waterpower. On the flip side “generating steam and pumping, treating and heating water consume 40% of Ontario’s natural gas and 12% of our electricity usage.” 

Fuel Cells Power Up: Three Surprising Places Where Hydrogen Energy is Working

Hydrogen may not be fueling many cars, but it is delivering clean power for warehouses, data centers, and telcom towers.
The concept is tantalizing: Use abundant hydrogen to fuel vehicles and power plants, producing nothing but water and heat as a byproduct. The advent of hydrogen fuel cells would help provide the energy the world needs, while slashing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing our dependence on oil.


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