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Report: State of the European Renewable Energy Market

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The 2019 data set from our database, which informs this report, considers RFI and corporate RFP responses that have been gathered since 2018. It represents close to 700 renewable energy projects in Europe, submitted from more than 50 solution providers across 16 countries, resulting in a strong overview of the European renewable energy market for C&I buyers.

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Caterpillar's Job Site Efficiency


Caterpillar customers want to realize the full value of their assets on the job. Caterpillar's solutions business model goes “beyond the iron” to increase asset utilization and optimize the return on customers’ site investments.

Caterpillar's Focus on Natural Infrastructure


Conventional (or grey) infrastructure – sanitary sewers, treatment plants, roads, bridges dams and levees – is the not the only infrastructure in need of rebuilding. Ecosystems that are essential to the health of our economy, communities and planet – forests, prairies, agricultural lands, estuaries, coastal landscapes and wetlands – are in critical need of restoration. 

Integrity and Action: Reshaping the Role of Business

Giving in Numbers Brief 2019
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CECP’s Giving in Numbers is the unrivaled leader in benchmarking on corporate social investments. CECP has the largest data set in the industry, sourced from more than 400 multi-billion-dollar companies over nearly 15 years, representing more than $200 billion in corporate social investments.

Read the full report:

Changemaking Trends From 400+ Young People Across the US


Today we revealed our top 30 entries in the 2019 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge. Over the past three months, hundreds of changemakers ages 13–23 have told us about their ideas and initiatives to make a difference in their communities.

Customer Sustainability at Caterpillar


Caterpillar helps customers build a better world, and customers increasingly want to build that world by using less fuel and generating fewer GHG emissions.  Learn how these customer needs provide valuable business opportunities for Caterpillar.  

First Global Standard for Tax Transparency

No hiding place: companies need to demonstrate they pay their fair share
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The launch of a new tax reporting standard that seeks to ensure multinationals are much clearer about how much – and where – they pay their taxes has received widespread international support.

The GRI Tax Standard is the first global standard for comprehensive tax disclosure at the country-by-country level. It supports public reporting of a company’s business activities and payments within tax jurisdictions, as well as their approach to tax strategy and governance.

How IBM Technology Improves Access to High-Quality Healthcare Worldwide

Our social responsibility work mirrors our business — innovation, expertise and a dedication to the success of organizations that build stronger communities.

Accurate, relevant and timely information is a vital resource for healthcare professionals, whether for treating patients or managing resources to support wider populations. IBM works with a range of nonprofit, academic and government entities to explore how information technology can help improve access to high-quality healthcare worldwide.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

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Demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) data has accelerated as the demand for consistent and high quality data around sustainability issues goes mainstream. Read Bloomberg's recent report, Investing in a Sustainable Future, about this growing market.

Applying Technology to Disaster Response and Resiliency

Our social responsibility work mirrors our business — innovation, expertise and a dedication to the success of organizations that build stronger communities.

The technology and expertise IBM applies to clients’ operations can, and should, also assist organizations that prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. That’s the basis of our disaster response efforts — marshaling capabilities throughout IBM more than 80 times since 2001 to help humanitarian organizations and governments be more effective.


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