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Getting Off-Grid Energy to Work for Agriculture

Examining the transformational power of energy-ag off-grid solutions for small farmers in Africa

Jeannelle Blanchard, clean energy project director, was part of a Tetra Tech delegation that attended the Africa Energy Forum (AEF) in Copenhagen, Denmark. As part of a panel discussion on Powering Africa Off-the-Grid, Jeannelle discussed her experiences working with early stage companies selling energy-agriculture (energy-ag) off-grid solutions. All opinions expressed in this post are the author’s own.

Myth Busting: You Actually Can Install Solar Panels at Home (and It’s Easy and Affordable) demystifies the path to solar savings

"Going solar is too expensive. Too difficult. Too risky."

These are all fairly common complaints about going solar. But the solar panels of 15 years ago are not the solar panels of today. In fact, with dropping costs of solar panel installations and rising energy costs, there hasn't been a better time to go solar. New tools are making it easier for customers to make the switch, and more installers working in the market has produced more competition. For many homeowners, it has  never been easier, more efficient, or more affordable to go solar.

Anya Cherneff + Moira Hanes: Empowering A Generation

Multimedia with summary

In physics, electricity is power. Electricity can also be power, though, in the sense that it creates opportunity for the pursuit of social capital and positive outcomes. This week on Sea Change Radio, we highlight the efforts of two nonprofits that are working to bring clean, affordable energy to some of the most under-resourced people on the planet. First, we hear from Anya Cherneff of Empower Generation who gives us a snapshot of her organization’s efforts to bring electricity to people in Nepal, and how it connects to fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Duke Energy Sponsors Solar Installations in North Carolina Habitat Homes

Installations lowers energy costs and advance workforce development

There have been more than 1,000 Habitat for Humanity homes built in Charlotte since 1983. Those with solar panels on the roof? Only a handful.

But with North Carolina second in the nation for solar power – only behind California – that could be changing.

Ecocentricity Blog: Buy Local, Except When You Shouldn’t


Here’s the problem – raising the price of solar cells in America could have a significant chilling effect on demand for solar panels in this country. That’s bad for two reasons.


Here’s the problem – raising the price of solar cells in America could have a significant chilling effect on demand for solar panels in this country. That’s bad for two reasons.

Black & Veatch-Designed Microgrid to Power Innovation at Shell Technology Center in Houston

Company delivers microgrid innovation platform
Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., July 13, 2017 /3BL Media/– Black & Veatch, a leader in the design and deployment of clean energy-producing microgrids, has been selected by Shell International Exploration & Production Company, Inc. to perform engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) on a new microgrid system at Shell’s Technology Center in Houston.

Massachusetts vs. New York and the Energy Storage Race

Jobs, State Investments and Innovation Leadership Hinge on Race to Be Number One

State governments are increasingly recognizing the strategic and tactical benefits of legislative initiatives regarding energy storage. As a strategy, incentivizing or mandating energy storage helps states achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals. This is because increased energy storage capacity allows for increased renewable production capacity, as any over production can be used at a later time. By serving as a buffer between production and consumption, energy storage also helps alleviate concerns about the effects of a rapid rise in renewable energy exports to aging grids.

Unreasonable Impact | Modern Energy Could Mean the Difference Between Peace and Unrest

by Jigar Shah

When we think about the things we take for granted, one of the most common is access to basic energy. Turning on a lamp so you can teach your children how to read, watching the evening news, or working into the night on your computer are all basic acts that most of us don’t even consider to be a privilege. Over 500 million people have a mobile phone without a place to charge it at home – a basic convenience needed to conduct commerce.

Unreasonable Impact | Meet the Company That Could Impact Two Billion Lives

by Aubrey Sanders

Greenlight Planet designs, manufactures, distributes, and finances solar-powered home energy systems and appliances for the two billion people in Asia and Africa living without access to a reliable and affordable electrical grid. To date, the company has sold over six million solar-powered lanterns and home energy systems, impacting over 20 million people in over 50 countries.

Unreasonable Impact | The Startup That Can Deliver Us from the Age of Fossil Electricity

by Aubrey Sanders

The World Health Organization attributes more than 4 million deaths each year to exposure to household stove smoke, especially in developing countries with high poverty rates. One Earth Designs developed the SolSource Solar Cooker, which offers an easy-to-use, off-grid cooking solution using only the power of the sun. CEO and Co-Founder Catlin Powers speaks about the power of coal and kerosene alternatives to reduce health risks, lessen harm done to the environment, and empower women.


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