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PepsiCo Beverages North America Invests $35 Million to Help Close Gap in Recycling Access Through Investment in Closed Loop Local Recycling Fund

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PURCHASE, N.Y., January 24, 2022 /3BL Media/ - PepsiCo Beverages North America (PBNA) announced a $35 million investment with Closed Loop Partners that will create the "Closed Loop Local Recycling Fund," an innovative circular economy initiative to advance new small-scale, modular recycling systems in communities across the U.S. The fund aims to increase recycling in areas with no or limited access to recycling, reducing waste and unlocking a new supply of recycled plastic (rPET), among other valuable materials, to support PepsiCo's pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) sustainable packaging goals.

GreenMoney's Special 200th Issue - Readers' Favorites

Articles, Videos and Podcasts

Welcome to the special 200th issue of GreenMoney…yes, 200 and going strong!

For this commemorative issue we are looking back and including many of our Readers’ Favorites, i.e., the most-read articles according to Google Analytics. We have also included a few of our own favorite GreenMoney articles, videos and podcasts. While researching, I looked back at our special 150th issue (from January 2020) and realized once again the articles are still quite interesting – so consider checking those out as well. 

Launch Event: Blockchain-Enabled FairCapacity Platform Showcases Garment Manufacturers' Production Capacity and Labor Performance

New digital platform aims to improve labor practices and working conditions in the apparel sector, while also improving business performance.

SAI will host a virtual launch event for FairCapacity, an innovative blockchain-enabled platform that helps manufacturers improve production planning and advertise capacity, quality, and labor compliance to brands, on January 31, 2022.

Press Release

SAI will host a virtual launch event for FairCapacity, an innovative blockchain-enabled platform that helps manufacturers improve production planning and advertise capacity, quality, and labor compliance to brands, on January 31, 2022.

Your Old Timberland Boots Can Now Become Your New Timberland Boots

Timberloop, a program that launches today, will take back old boots and clothing to be refurbished or recycled into new products, as the company goes all in on circularity.

“Circularity” has become a buzzword in the fashion world, with brands using the catchall term to refer to everything from using eco-friendly materials to selling secondhand goods. But becoming a truly circular company is harder than it looks, as Timberland, the iconic American boot brand founded in 1973, is discovering firsthand.

El nuevo Estándar de Producción de Bonsucro fortalece la sustentabilidad en la caña de azúcar

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Londres, 17 de enero de 2022 /3BL Media/ - El día de hoy, Bonsucro, la principal plataforma global de sustentabilidad para la caña de azúcar, publicó su Estándar de Producción revisado, con nuevos requisitos para abordar riesgos globales críticos, como las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, el agua, la biodiversidad, y el respeto a los derechos de los trabajadores en el sector de la caña de azúcar.

O novo Padrão de Produção Bonsucro fortalece a sustentabilidade na cana-de-açúcar

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Londres, 17 Janeiro, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Hoje, Bonsucro, a plataforma líder global de sustentabilidade para a cana-de-açúcar, publicou seu Padrão de Produção revisado com novos requisitos para abordar riscos globais críticos, como emissões de gases de efeito estufa, água, biodiversidade e respeito aos direitos dos trabalhadores no setor de cana-de-açúcar.

Sunny Misser: A Visionary in the New Business Environment

When Sunil (Sunny) A. Misser joined AccountAbility to become its CEO, it was with the aim of filling a gap in the market that he had identified – the “One-Stop-Shop for all things Sustainability.”

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Misser is very direct when it comes to defining today’s AccountAbility and its purpose.

“We are not an advocacy platform or an activist forum – we are an expert ESG advisory firm that provides objective counsel to CEO’s and Boards on how to improve their business performance.”

Bonsucro's New Production Standard Strengthens Sustainability in Sugarcane

Press Release

January 17, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Today, Bonsucro, the leading global sustainability platform for sugarcane, has published its revised Production Standard with new requirements to address critical global risks such as greenhouse gas emissions, water, biodiversity, and respect for workers’ rights in the sugarcane sector.

Ralph Lauren Unveils First-to-Market Product Innovation With the RLX Clarus® Polo, Exclusively at the Australian Open 2022

Debuts the world’s first cotton-based performance material
Press Release

NEW YORK and MELBOURNE, Australia, January 13, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) announces the debut of the RLX CLARUS® Polo Shirt exclusively at the 2022 Australian Open Tennis Tournament, showcasing the Company’s latest work in groundbreaking product innovation and sustainability. 


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