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Black & Veatch Offers Services to Energy Providers Coping With Asset Stressors and Storms


The power grid, vulnerable to harsh climate conditions, is struggling in the face of increasingly common extreme weather events. To keep up, the power industry must evolve quickly to ensure that generation, transmission, and distribution systems can withstand heavy storms and droughts while still meeting customer demands.

Changing the Equation

How digital tools are mitigating risk and making farming more rewarding for smallholders in developing countries.

Agriculture has always been about managing risk. When a farmer puts a seed in the ground, they’re making an investment in the land. In developing countries where livelihoods depend on harvests the most, that risk is often the greatest. In a commitment to empower more than 100 million smallholder farmers, Bayer is setting out to balance the equation by mitigating risk and making farming more rewarding through crucial partnerships and innovative digital tools.

Risk: how farmers manage

"Pharmacogenomics Saved My Life"

Idaho mother and mental health advocate Mehri Coulter says PGx testing helped her get healthy

“My family won the genetic bipolar lottery,” says Mehri Coulter, 36, of Boise, Idaho. “My great-grandma, grandma, mom, sister, and nephew had or have bipolar.”

Pioneering a Sustainable Future


Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, where mobile technology opens new possibilities to pioneer a sustainable future. With global collaboration and digital innovation, carbon emissions can be reduced by 15% by 2030. With 5G we can do even more. By working together, a better world is within our reach.

Urgent change is needed now

Eliminating the 'Paper Trail'

Whirlpool Corporation takes steps to use less paper in product packaging

A pilot program at Whirlpool Corporation is taking thousands of pages of literature that has traditionally been included in packaging for its products, and replacing it with QR codes that instead lead to digital versions. The project started in 2019 and involves multiple stages of implementation.

“The intent was to reduce as many pages that we print as possible,” said Whirlpool Corporation Senior Engineering Manager Ryan Strain. “At this point, we’ve only kept what is required from a regulatory standard."  

Black & Veatch to Design, Build Canada's First Electric 'Smart Grid'

Ontario project seeks to cut consumer energy costs, lower emissions and bolster electric grid’s resilience, reliability

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., October 6, 2021 /3BL Media/ – As the electric industry addresses growing demands for lower carbon footprints and heightened reliability and resilience, a Canadian community is entrusting Black & Veatch to transform its power system into a technology-driven, enhanced “smart grid” meant to lower consumer costs and slash greenhouse gas emissions.

Register Now for the Virtual 2021 Global Inclusive Growth Summit on October 14

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There is still time to register for the virtual 2021 Global Inclusive Growth Summit on October 14!

Comcast Helps Tech Goes Home Connect Seniors With Laptops and Internet Essentials


As part of ongoing efforts to address digital inequity, Comcast recently gave 500 brand new laptops to seniors in Boston who completed Tech Goes Home (TGH) digital literacy training. Comcast also provided TGH with a $25,000 grant that will help the organization connect more seniors in Greater Boston with digital devices, Internet Essentials and digital skills training. 

Keysight Unveils Industrial Visibility Solutions for Electric Utility Market

New network packet broker and taps enable electric utilities to meet monitoring requirements worldwide
Press Release

SANTA ROSA, Calif., /3BL Media/ - Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Pro Bono Perspectives S3E20: Steven Clarke, Ceres

Accelerating Corporate Action on the Climate Crisis
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Unless companies take immediate action on climate change, we will quickly surpass the 1.5 degree Celsius global temperature increase that will have catastrophic implementations not only on the environment and severity of natural disasters, but on human health, livelihoods, and security. But there is cause for optimism: more than ever, the private sector – which accounts for the vast majority of carbon emissions – is listening and stepping up sustainability commitments.


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