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Interns Win with Artificial Intelligence Drone for Reconnaissance at Booz Allen’s Summer Games

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Move over Shark Tank—Booz Allen’s Summer Games interns are budding entrepreneurs in their own right. Whether the solution is a modular, cost-effective reconnaissance drone, a mixed-reality airmanship training application, or a browser extension that detects fake news, the firm’s interns are taking their innovative ideas to the next level.

Feeding the World: IoT and the Intelligent Edge


HPE is partnering with Purdue University to uncover digital technologies with the potential to transform agricultural research. The objectives are increased crop yields with reduced inputs—and therefore less environmental impact. The partnership is exploring the potential for IoT and intelligent edge computing to revolutionize agricultural research practices and ultimately, farming efficiency.

From Data to Discovery, Faster: Next Generation Sequencing


The Technical University of Denmark conducts research in bioinformatics and systems biology—fields that employ powerful computers to explore biological data.

After the university installed the fastest high-performance supercomputer in Denmark, the runtime for data-intensive medical research was reduced by nearly one-third. This substantial gain is made possible by HPE Next Generation Sequencing Solution, which helps reduce the processing time for data-heavy genome analytics, ultimately speeding up the pace of medical discovery.

Altron Arrow Mobilize Youth Skills Development in South Africa


Johannesburg, South Africa – In June, Altron Arrow partnered with Resolution Circle to educate 120 South African students in engineering, mobile phone skills and battery repairs.

After building a relationship with Resolution Circle, the companies set out to reach hundreds of South African unemployed youth by upskilling student interns with practical workforce learning skills and micro business development training.

Benevity Expands Global Corporate Giving and Employee Engagement Solution

Companies can now engage employees in Germany with a localized “Goodness” experience, plus more international languages, support and currency options
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CALGARY, Alberta August 23, 2018 /3BL Media/ – Benevity, Inc., the global leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement software, announced the latest expansion to its market-leading international offering. Companies in Germany are now able to use Benevity to engage people in local volunteering and tax-receiptable giving to German charities as a way to build a more purpose-driven and socially responsible corporate culture.

Is Enjoying What You Do Key to Unlocking Career Success?

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All resumes being roughly equal, someone who’s passionate about they do is going to stand out amongst the crowd. Does your passion come through on paper? Jonathan Omansky, Senior Director of Operations at Symantec shares his insights on how to build a resume that shows expertise as well as passion. It may be right there in front of you, others may need to dig deeper. Either way, he believes unlocking passion is key to standing out, to elevating your career and to developing a path of continual growth and success.

PNC: Chip Burning Sparks Concern for Consumers

Learn the warning signs of potential chip card tampering before activating your new or replacement debit and credit cards.

It was only a matter of time. The introduction of new technology starts the clock ticking for criminals in a race to figure out how to crack it. Just as consumers became accustomed to inserting their credit or debit card for a purchase instead of swiping at the point of sale, fraudsters have applied cunning creativity to breach the security of chip cards. And it is the chip itself that has become the focus of the fraudsters through chip burning.

Duke Energy Selects Six Companies to Receive Power Partner Award


Selected companies are leaders in innovative solutions, sustainability innovation, community excellence, economic development, and storm restoration

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Selected companies are leaders in innovative solutions, sustainability innovation, community excellence, economic development, and storm restoration

What Does a City of One Million People on Mars Look Like?

The winners of the final HP Mars Home Planet challenge create utopian visions of the Red Planet.

An urban utopia on Mars might be closer than you think.

For the past year, creative professionals, students, space geeks—even families—have been creating their visions for a metropolis on the fourth planet from the sun. The final winners of the HP Mars Home Planet challenge were announced by HP and unveiled in a VR experience at SIGGRAPH 2018, an annual computer graphics convention, in Vancouver.


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