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13 Green (And Pink) Facts About Earth Day


There are some things we love around Mary Kay. The number 13. The color pink. Really good mascara. The planet earth. And, we love to celebrate everything we love. On, April 22, we will join the world in celebrating Earth Day 2014. More than any other time of the year, it’s a time to go green – with a dash of pink of course. Here are 13 interesting and fun facts about Earth Day and Mary Kay.

1. Earth Day is the world’s largest civic observance, with more than 1 billion participants worldwide.

Earth Day – The Love/Hate Relationship


By John Schulz, AVP of Sustainability Operations at AT&T

I know that some people don’t like Earth Day. Not because they hate the earth — the exact opposite, actually. They love the earth so much that they feel that a single day means we don’t need to think about it the other 364 (and sometimes 365) days of the year.

I get it. This isn’t a once-in-a-while deal. Making decisions that include an assessment of environmental impacts needs to be a constant, not an annual celebration.

Earth Day at AECOM — Enhancing Global Livability


This year, in honor of Earth Day, AECOM is framing the conversation in a context that allows everyone, not only those already committed to environmental issues, to see how this day affects their lives.

AECOM’s recently launched SlideShare presentation helps to share the messaging surrounding this new conversation and presents how the company is delivering infrastructure that will deliver the water, energy, food, mobility and protection communities need for a more livable urban environment.

Decade of Climate Action: Celestia Begins


Last week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the third installment of its benchmark scientific study on climate change. There were no surprises in the report—the future looks bleak unless we take ambitious and immediate action towards reducing our global carbon emissions and changing our current energy portfolio.

TD Looks at Importance of Listening to Stakeholders, Releases 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Press Release

April 21, 2014 /3BL Media/ - TD Bank Group published its 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report, available online at www.td.com/responsibility. The report details the company's social, economic and environmental performance for the 2013 fiscal year.

AECOM’s Fifth Urban SOS Student Competition Seeks Designs for “New Industry”

Press Release

NEW YORK, April 17, 2014 /3BL Media/ - AECOM has launched “Urban SOS: Towards a new industry,” its fifth Urban SOS student competition. Open to students at undergraduate and graduate levels around the world, this year’s competition seeks interdisciplinary design responses that generate economic development and improve urban conditions at sites of derelict industrial infrastructure. For complete submission requirements, see aecom.com/urbansos.

Climageddon—Tracking the Path of Clipocalypse


Some are calling the new nine-episode Showtime Series, Years of Living Dangerously, the “The Greatest Story Ever Ignored.” For those of you without cable,  the first episode of the series can be streamed for free.

As to the other eight, I am hoping Showtime makes some kind of a streaming deal.

3 Things to Know about ECOLOGO

Domtar Certification Milestone - Windsor, QC Mill Now Producing ECOLOGO Certified Uncoated Paper

Domtar recently joined select company by achieving UL’s ECOLOGO® certification, which involves a rigorous process few writing paper manufacturers have completed.  After over a year of hard work, Domtar’s Windsor, Quebec mill made the announcement that it had passed the ECOLOGO Certification’s environmental audit.  In doing so, Domtar became only the second North American manufacturer to offer ECOLOGO Certified uncoated paper, giving Canadian customers a number of newly certified products to choose from. 

Here’s what you need to know about this significant achievement:

Earth Month Tip: Water Conservation


We’re committed to strengthening our communities, which means improving our own sustainability efforts and empowering those around us to do the same. That’s why, in honor of Earth Month, we’re sharing one tip a week to help us all be a little more green. Coming off of World Water Day, this week we’ll focus on how to decrease our water usage.

Why do we celebrate Earth Day if the Earth doesn't care?

Google+ Hangout Live Broadcast: Monday, April 21, at 5 p.m. EDT
Multimedia with summary

Nature always wins. The Earth will experience seismic activity, volcanic activity, pandemics and cyclical changes in climate that will affect our lives in some way. There’s no disputing this, so how can we be ready to keep our families and loved ones safer and more resilient to the weather? How can we work with the knowledge we have on sea-level rise, the frequency of flooding and storms, global population growth, energy use, infrastructure status, water resources and food security? 


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