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Finlandia Vodka Launches #4PureWater Campaign

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Beginning World Water Day, March 22nd, Finlandia Vodka will donate $1 to pure water projects for every #4PureWater photo shared on social media. Join us in raising a glass of Finlandia and post your toast #4PureWater. For more information: http://www.finlandia4purewater.com/ 

Twitter Chat Recap: #HEINEKENBaBW Protecting Our Water Resources

Check out the recap of our 60-minute LIVE chat with HEINEKEN and UNIDO on March 24

By Suzanne Madore

As one of the world’s largest brewers, HEINEKEN recognizes and embraces its responsibility to promote responsible water use and encourage others to do the same as part of its sustainability strategy ‘Brewing a Better World’ (BaBW). Aimed at advancing Water Stewardship, HEINEKEN recently announced a partnership with UNIDO to help support water sustainability in developing markets such as Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Tunisia.

Water Your Garden While Traveling, Landscaping with Trees and more

Green Builder Media's April 2, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter

Solar in the Spotlight It’s solar power’s shining moment—the renewable energy source is currently growing faster than any other segment in the energy industry. Last year, a new solar system was installed in the U.S. every three minutes. Creative financing solutions and plummeting panel prices have made solar widely accessible for homeowners and businesses alike. And by next year, experts predict that solar will actually be the cheapest form of electricity in many U.S. states.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves for Clean Waterways

Partnering in Communities

Here a shoe. There a tire. Everywhere a bit of litter. This isn’t an updated version of a children’s nursery rhyme. Nor is this an inventory of a local city trash dump. This, unfortunately, is the reality of some of our most precious waterways. Alongside where families fish or swim, a few feet away, items meant for a recycling or garbage bin may be seen floating by. This isn’t okay.

National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation Launches from Dallas

Cities Begin Nationwide Competition for Most Water-Wise Title in April; Toyota and Wyland Foundation Partner for 4th Year to Increase Water Use Awareness
Press Release

TORRANCE, Calif., March 31, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Fresh water is a precious resource, something that is a vital part of daily life and sustainability. But steps must be taken now to ensure that the supply isn’t depleted at such a rapid rate.

The Water Revolution is Here


At current usage and population rates, international demand for water in 2030 will outstrip supply by 40 percent. As fresh water supplies dwindle, nations across the globe will face unprecedented, unsettling, and formerly unthinkable choices regarding water, compelled to make difficult decisions about how to allocate the precious resource.

Strategic Partnership Aims to Lower the Carbon Footprint of Conferences and Events Across the Country

The TerraPass Event Carbon Calculator Expands MeetGreen’s Online Tools For Carbon Emission Reduction
Press Release

HOUSTON, Texas, March 26, 2015 /3BL Media/ -  TerraPass, innovator in environmental impact reduction for both individuals and businesses, is excited to announce that it has joined forces with MeetGreen to help lower the carbon footprint of both large and small conferences and events across the country.  MeetGreen, a leader in sustainable events, has incorporated the newly launched TerraPass Event Carbon Calculator on its website to further influence footprint reductions in all aspects of its clients’ corporate and personal functio

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Awards $100,000 “NextGen” Grant to Net-Works™

ZSL and Interface, Inc.’s Powerful “Inclusive Business” Program Brings to Life Anderson’s Dream of a Restorative Enterprise
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March 24, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The Ray C.

Managing Stormwater

These eco-sensitive strategies help keep pollutants out of streams and lakes, replenish groundwater and green the built environment.

Natural landscapes naturally slow the movement of stormwater, and capture and filter some of it as it percolates back into the groundwater supply. But the built environment is dominated by impervious surfaces. Paved surfaces, roofs and building façades change the movement of water over the landscape and increase the volume, speed and temperature of the runoff. Rushing stormwater picks up pollutants, fertilizers and pesticides and can also cause flooding and erosion.


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