Avista Creates Online River Recreation Map

Jul 18, 2016 10:00 AM ET
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Avista Utilities, an energy company located in Spokane, WA, just made it easier to plan for fun on and around the water this summer with new digital river recreation maps for segments of the Spokane River and the Clark Fork River. In addition to generating clean, renewable power from these scenic waterways, Avista maintains picnic, boating, camping and other recreational areas for all generations to enjoy.

The digital recreation map makes it easier to learn more about those different recreational access sites. Live at avistautilities.com, the new maps highlight dams, parks, trailheads and recreation areas, offering descriptions of amenities as well as engaging photos for a sneak peek at the local scenery. The Spokane River map showcases 72 points of interest and the Clark Fork River map extends from Idaho into Montana, offering 28 points of interest for outdoor enthusiasts.

Explore summer fun with our new river recreation maps at Avistautilities.com/rivermaps.