How Sappi Connects with Its Customers

Dec 19, 2018 10:35 AM ET
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Sappi understands the importance of creating innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs. Our future success depends on listening to, communicating with and responding to our customers. From award-winning product development to stunning promotional campaign materials and a groundbreaking retrospective collection, Sappi stands apart.

Customer collaboration is key to future growth

To diversify Sappi’s product offering, the company announced in February 2017 the approval of a $165 million capital project to rebuild Paper Machine 1 at the Somerset Mill. This investment will expand Sappi North America’s manufacturing capabilities to include a variety of consumer packaging products including paperboard. Since February, a dedicated team has been hard at work understanding the new segments’ requirements for launch in early 2018. A particularly important focus has been on the proactive collaboration between Sappi and its future customers on the range of complexities in converting our paper into the finished package. In preparation for a successful new market entry, Sappi has hired best-in-class technical experts, sales professionals and marketing leaders. Customers have opened their doors and spent time at the Somerset Mill and Technology Center to provide direct input on our new product designs and specifications and our service platform. Similar to our expansion of the LusterCote line in 2017, we will adapt to our new customer needs through engagement, commitment and excellence.

LusterPrint®: A Sustainable Solution

Sappi’s LusterPrint provides a paper-based packaging solution as an alternative to fossil fuel-based materials. An easy-to-use reference guide was developed to communicate Sappi North America’s position on sustainable sourcing, reduction of energy consumption, increased efficiency of raw materials, compliance with FDA regulations, and dedication to recycling initiatives. The guide also contains product specifications and details about the world-class manufacturing facility Somerset Mill.

Marketing Thought Leadership

Sappi North America launched a new print education series called Verticals. Each installment looks at individual vertical markets serviced by Sappi North America and examines the unique challenges, traditions and idiosyncrasies each faces when communicating with its target audience. 

The first in the series focused on marketing in higher education. The book, printed on Sappi’s Opus paper, provides best practices to be used by colleges and universities in the US, including research and actionable advice for how to attract the nation’s prospective students with a stunning printed format. It brings life to industry statistics, demonstrates unique case studies, explains little-known myths and facts of marketing, and includes a five-page pullout filled with cross-channel marketing tips. 

This first installment of Verticals was awarded the annual Positively Print Award, which recognizes an organization that promotes the power, sustainability and effectiveness of print.

“We want to showcase companies that effectively advocate for print,” said President of Two Sides North America Phil Riebel, who co-presented the award. Sappi North America’s ‘Verticals: The Marketing of Higher Education’ publication is an outstanding example of such advocacy.

A Look at Our Legacy

Sappi North America has launched an exciting retrospective collection: The Reflected Works. Each of the series’ three booklets are printed on Opus paper and showcases a different area of expertise in which Sappi has been a leader since its inception in 1854 as the S.D. Warren Company, which Sappi Limited acquired in 1994. 

Featuring various S.D. Warren advertisements, educational pieces and promotions from 1910– 1969, the retrospective provides a comprehensive look at how the industry has changed over the past century—and how it’s stayed the same. 

Several of the featured pieces include work from one of the most influential and innovative designers of the 20th Century, W.A. Dwiggins, who is said to have coined the term ‘graphic designer’ in 1922. He designed for S.D. Warren for decades, including several issues of The Standard.

The Five Second Rule

With only five seconds to convince a customer to read a piece of direct mail, Sappi’s “Five Second Rule” promotional campaign highlights the importance of creating a first impression. 

Printed on Sappi’s multiple web cover grades, Opus and Somerset, the kits come in a stunning exterior envelope, designed to illustrate direct mail’s ability to instantly stand out and create a memorable experience so that consumers are driven to take action. 

Each direct mail piece in the kit exemplifies a different focus, including versatility, surface quality, style, yield advantage and postage cost. Sappi North America offers the broadest range of web cover options in the industry. 

Opus PS is a paper designed for direct mail, with superior glueability, foldability and caliper that guarantees predictable postage costs. Our latest addition for the direct mail market, Somerset 9pt cover offers an 8 percent yield advantage over the competition.

Specialised Cellulose Development

A truly sustainable raw material, dissolving wood pulp, or Specialised Cellulose as it’s called at Sappi, is noted for its versatility. Among its enduse applications are textiles used in high-end fashion, bio-based plastics and other specialty products. When Specialised Cellulose is used in home furnishings, such as towels and sheets with cellulosic-based fabrics, the material offers a breathable, soft, natural feel with high levels of moisture absorbency.

Exhibiting at Packaging Events 

To highlight the existing packaging line and prepare for the launch of new products, Sappi North America exhibited at several key industry events, including Luxepack in New York and PackExpo in Las Vegas. Sappi representatives met with top packaging professionals and shared the versatility and breadth of Sappi’s global packaging business.

Neoterix™ ST Wins interzum Award

At interzum, the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design, Sappi’s Neoterix ST release paper won the coveted intelligent material and design award for 2017.

Neoterix ST is the result of Sappi’s collaboration with Sharklet Technologies, Inc., with whom it entered an exclusive license agreement in 2016 to manufacture and distribute casting release paper and film that features the Sharklet microtexture paired with aesthetic textures desired by customers. Neoterix ST creates surfaces resistant to bacterial attachment and growth, without the use of toxic additives or chemicals

“We’re encouraged by the potential of Neoterix to make a signifi cant impact in the healthcare industry,” said Deece Hannigan, Vice President, Packaging and Specialties Business, Sappi North America. ”We greatly appreciate the recognition from interzum, and together with designers and manufacturers of products used in healthcare settings, we can implement this innovative technology to make a positive difference on human health.” 

Holiday Kit on McCoy® and LusterCote®

By sending out a holiday kit to key customers and prospects, Sappi effectively demonstrates the power of paper and its ability to create meaningful, memorable experiences for brands. The season’s beautifully designed, limited-edition kit printed on McCoy Silk included cards, envelopes, gift tags and four double-sided wrapping papers all rolled in a soft touch, foil-stamped box. 

The four wrapping papers each featured a different design of a holiday cookie, using UV sand, pearlescent patterns and scented coatings to mimic the smell of real gingerbread cookies. An additional quantity of wrapping paper was printed on LusterCote, demonstrating its superior print performance.

Read more from Sappi North America's 2017 Sustainability Report here: