How Teck Is Advancing the Conversation About Water Stewardship in the Mining Industry

Mar 22, 2019 3:10 PM ET
Multimedia with summary

Our approach to water stewardship is based on three key elements: protecting water quality, improving water use efficiency and engaging collaboratively within our watersheds. Check out some of the projects our team is working on to make water stewardship a top priority. 

Creating Fresh Water in the Atacama Desert of Chile

The desalination plant at our Quebrada Blanca phase 2 project will be the first large-scale use of desalinated seawater for mining in Chile’s Tarapacá Region, in place of freshwater use. At full capacity, it will purify about 1,300 litres per second. Learn more about this project here.

Finding the Right Microbe

Did you know? Microbes can be used to treat mine-affected water. We partnered with the experts at Genome Britsh Columbia and the University of British Columbia to find the best ones for the job. Learn more about this project here.