Moody's Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Feb 7, 2019 7:05 AM ET
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Posted from Moody's 2017 CSR Report

Our business benefits from having many different perspectives. That’s why we actively promote diversity at every level of Moody’s. We work hard to ensure that all employees, from company leaders to new hires, are respected, included and empowered.

In 2017, Moody’s Corporation President and CEO Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr., was one of the first CEOs in financial services to sign the CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM pledge (, which outlines the actions that we and other signatories are taking to cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

Manager Training

To ensure that company management approaches diversity thoughtfully and thoroughly, we required managers to attend at least two diversity and inclusion programs in 2017. That year, we introduced Conversations to Understand, a series that helped managers learn more about the experiences of African Americans, Hispanics and people of South Asian descent in the United States and other countries. During the sessions, employees shared how they’ve experienced unconscious bias outside of Moody’s. These conversations increased awareness on topics such as Islamophobia, the transgender community, and racial and cultural issues, and the sessions helped expand the conversation around unconscious bias and how it can play out for different groups.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Fostering a culture where everyone feels included and empowered means giving everyone a voice to express their views. Moody’s ERGs provide a platform for our employees to share their ideas on ways to make Moody’s work culture even more inclusive. ERGs provide information to our leaders on how managers can support employees and how we can make Moody’s an employer of choice for all.

In 2017, we elevated conversations about intersectionality to highlight the importance of building allegiances across communities and understanding how employees are interconnected.

In London, the UK Multicultural ERG and UK LGBTA ERG hosted a panel on global LGBTQ inequality called “From Discrimination to Persecution.” The panel stressed how the LGBTQ community has made great strides in its quest for equality over the past few decades, especially in Western nations such as Great Britain, Canada and the United States. However, LGBTQ individuals around the world still battle adverse situations, ranging from social isolation to imprisonment and even death.

During the US National Hispanic Heritage Month, our New York Multicultural ERG and Veterans ERG members partnered to host a leadership spotlight with Michael Montelongo, former Assistant Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of the US Air Force. Michael spoke about how his Latino identity and perspective played a role in his career journey in the military and in corporate America. He touched on the challenges he faces and the benefits he sees as a Latino and as a veteran.

Posted from Moody's 2017 CSR Report