PODCAST: Welcome to Our Food Journey

Mar 15, 2019 10:35 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

Hormel Foods has launched a new podcast series called Our Food Journey™. The podcast series is part of the company’s larger Our Food Journey™ social responsibility efforts inspired by the food the company makes and the difference it makes in the world. The podcast features discussions with renowned master chefs, food entrepreneurs, food scientists and Hormel Foods employees.

In this episode, hosts Ethan Watters and Ron DeSantis discuss access to food and how large organizations like Hormel Foods can leverage their power and resources to make good food available to all.

The first season of the Our Food Journey™ podcast is available on iTunesSoundCloud and Google Play Music, and has launched with 10 episodes. The series is hosted by esteemed American journalist and author Ethan Watters and Certified Master Chef Ron DeSantis.