Ralph Lauren's Chief Product and Sustainability Officer to Highlight Company's Circularity Strategy at Reuters Transform USA 2021

May 4, 2021 4:35 PM ET
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With a longstanding vision of timeless style, Ralph Lauren has a unique approach to adopting circular business practices. From investing in scalable technologies to reimagining some of the Company’s most iconic products, Ralph Lauren’s comprehensive circularity strategy orients around three pillars: design for circularity, establish circular experiences for consumers and advance a circular product economy.

At Reuters Transform USA 2021, Halide Alagoz, Ralph Lauren’s Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, will highlight details around Ralph Lauren’s circularity strategy. Halide will be joined by Garry Cooper, CEO of Rheaply, and Sophie Beckham, Chief Sustainability Officer at International Paper, for a transformative discussion on the benefits of shifting to a circular economy and bringing circular business solutions to scale.

You can register for Reuters Transform USA 2021 and join Halide’s session here : https://bit.ly/3opdYun  

Learn more about Ralph Lauren’s comprehensive circularity strategy here: https://corporate.ralphlauren.com/pr_210309_Circularity.html