Renewable Energy Grows: By the Numbers - The Minute

Nov 6, 2017 5:00 PM ET
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A new survey finds that renewable energy has hit a record high in popularity among the public in the UK, with an approval rating of 82 percent. The Energy and Climate Change Public Attitude Tracker poll, conducted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has been taken every three months since 2012. This most recent survey marks a five percent increase in public approval since the previous one.

In the US, Southern California Edison has issued a new white paper, “The Clean Power and Electrification Pathway,” a roadmap to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to meet the state’s aggressive clean energy goals, SCE’s plan calls for more than seven million electric vehicles and an electric grid that is supplied by 80 percent carbon-free energy. And global oil giant Exxon Mobil is investing $1 billion in more than 100 research projects on environmentally friendly technologies. All these numbers add up to big gains for renewable energy.

I’m John Howell for 3BL Media.

Video source: Renewable Energy Grows: By the Numbers