Brand Reputation: Use It or Lose It

When reading the business pages of mainstream media, it sometimes seems as if the headlines mimic the scandalous tone of the other news. Allegations, lawsuits, claims of fraud, and criminal prosecution are not uncommon in such business headlines, even among brands that have worked hard to earn profits with a purpose and therefore earn a good reputation. “Desperate Whole Foods Will Offer Tattoos to Lure Hipsters.” ”Lawsuit Accuses Jessica Alba’s Honest Company of Dishonest Labeling.” “VW’s Crisis Strategy: Forward, Reverse, U-Turn.” Stumbles by such respected “good companies” remind us how hard it is to maintain best practices in day-to-day operations. What we also know is that such brands, with a purpose-driven mission at the core of their corporate strategy, can re-group and recover credibility more quickly, more effectively than companies with no other motive than bottom line profit. That’s business, better.

John Howell, Editorial Director