Brands Taking Stands: The Next Chapter

In the most recent example of brands taking stands, 13 major corporations have written to President Trump urging him to keep the US signed on to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Their reason is simple: the bottom line. Continued US participation helps companies compete “by ensuring a more balanced global climate effort, setting long-term objectives, improving transparency, and encouraging market-based approaches to minimize costs.” The letter, organized by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, was signed by BP, DuPont, General Mills, Google, Intel, Microsoft, National Grid, Novartis Corporation, PG&E, Schneider Electric, Shell, Unilever and Walmart. These companies have a combined market capitalization of nearly $2.5 trillion. If money talks, this latest example of the trend to make a statement on behalf of progressive business strategy practically shouts. We’ll see if the President is listening.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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