Could Renewable Energy Power the World? Some Blue Sky Thoughts

Renewable energy could power the world, claims Hydrogen Fuel News. It joins a host of recent articles and scientific reports that argue a shift to renewables is an achievable goal. Skeptics, ideological opponents, and “realists” scoff, point to what is currently a very small percentage of the overall global energy production. But think about this: the sun delivers more solar power to the Earth in one hour than the world’s population uses in a year. To harness that power would take 500,000 square kilometers of solar farms—which, if built in empty, hot places (i.e. deserts) could be possible. And this: a recent study from Stanford University’s School of Engineering and the University of Delaware showed that wind turbines taking up just one percent of the planet’s land surface could meet the world’s energy needs. Blue sky thoughts for these cloudless summer days.

John Howell, Editorial Director