CSR is Dead. Long live CSR.

At a time of unprecedented upheaval in the political area, it’s hardly surprising that a parallel mood is evident in the CSR field. Multiple models that offer radical, disruptive strategies to make more positive change more quickly are competing to be the dominant idea of next generation CSR. One example is the “Social Purpose Company,” a concept floated by Coro Strandberg, that promises to “create social value and drive business results” through the “Virtuous Circle Business Model.” Beyond the well-argued logic that makes the idea seem enticing, her plan also promises an accelerated pace to greater scale—and much greater impact. It would, in fact, replace CSR, which she considers inadequate to today’s business environment in its traditional form. Whether it’s truly revolutionary or a natural evolution of CSR, well, read the full details and decide. You can hear Strandberg promote the theory at the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego, June 6-9.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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