Gender Diversity Grows in U.K. Boardrooms

Since 2010, the percentage of women on the boards of the U.K.s top companies has nearly doubled, to 23 percent. This year, it is projected to reach 27%. The reason is straightforward: more diverse boards produce better returns. That makes gender diversity a business issue. Research finds that more diverse boards provide better shareholder returns. Homogenous—mostly male—boards of major companies do not provide enough innovative insights in today’s world of fast-changing practices, strategies, and models. This shift has not happened spontaneously. Four years ago, Helena Morrissey founded the 30% Club to increase the number of women on U.K. boards to that level. Why 30%? That’s the level at which a minority voice can be effective, according to organizational psychologists. Read the whole inspiring story in the New York Times.

John Howell, Editorial Director