LGBT "Freedom" Bills: Companies Cooperate in Pushback

Bills that give businesses the right to deny service to LGBT customers on religious grounds are earning unprecedented pushback from business. Protesting companies include many familiar brand names—Salesforce, PayPal, Eli Lilly, Disney, MGM Resorts, Apple, Facebook, Bank of America, Microsoft, Starbucks, and dozens of other national corporations—along with thousands of small companies. And companies are increasingly working together, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Business leaders say they do not want to separately fight a hodge-podge of different laws in different states, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Here’s the bottom line: recent research by Credit Suisse shows that a group of 270 companies that supported LGBT employees outperformed a global index by three percent annually over the past six years. When the bottom line works in sync with an ethical approach to human rights, the decision for business to speak up is an easy call.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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