More Institutional Investors Request SRI/ESG Mandates

U.S. asset managers are reporting a growing interest in socially responsible investing and environmental, social, and governance mandates from their institutional clients. That’s according to research from Cerulli Associates, a global analytics firm, as reported in Funds Europe. In Cerulli's summary, Institutional Markets 2014: Opportunities in a Crowded Market, more than 50% of asset managers surveyed said that they had been asked about various responsible investing strategies, including ESG, SRI, mission-related investing, impact investing, and program-related investing. “There’s increasing acceptance among investors and managers that ESG factors . . . can have a material impact on a company’s financial wellbeing,” said Susana Schroeder, senior analyst at Cerulli. The data is the latest in a growing file of evidence that profit with a purpose is a winning business strategy.

John Howell, Editorial Director