Re-Branding to Regain Trust: Chipotle’s Cinematic Campaign

When the “food with integrity” chain Chipotle had 60 cases of illness in two separate E.coli outbreaks last winter, a re-branding strategy went into overdrive. There is a classic canon of such corporate reputational recovery cases to study and learn from, from Nike to VW. Now Chipotle, the healthy food chain that made some of its customers sick, is on the list. The company is working hard to regain customers’ trust, says Ad Age. In one innovative effort, it has released an animated film that supports the chain’s healthier choices menu, and which ends with a plug for a new summer loyalty program, Chiptopia. Past Chipotle films have attracted YouTube audiences in the millions. Presumably, its many fans will tune in to see how a company founded on better products delivered with a mission-driven approach can recover its values-driven purpose—and customers.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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