General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - November 2016

Nov 7, 2016 11:00 AM ET


Energy-Efficient Operations Save GM $73M in 2016
Global efforts to increase energy efficiency play a significant part in GM’s goal of meeting the electricity needs of its worldwide operations with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. Sixteen GM facilities recently earned ENERGY STAR recognition for continued efforts to increase energy efficiency.
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Steps to Brighten Up and Save Energy
Installing 186,000 LED lights, hosting employee “energy awareness” talks and replacing roofs with white light-reflecting surfaces are just a few of the steps General Motors plants and facilities are taking to improve energy efficiency.
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Hydropower is Making Waves as a Source of Renewable Energy
Hydropower is generally less expensive per kilowatt-hour than wind or solar energy, and the untapped potential of many dams and waterways means there’s much more electricity to be had.
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GM China Engages Suppliers in Energy Project that Saved $1.3M
General Motors China engaged eight of its parts suppliers in a yearlong “Green Supply Chain” initiative designed to reduce energy consumption. The suppliers implemented 64 projects that resulted in emissions and facility noise reductions, as well as optimized lighting and energy management system improvements.
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GM Recognized as World Leader for Climate Change Action
CDP, a global nonprofit committed to sustainable economies, has named General Motors a global leader for its actions and strategies to address climate change. GM is now on the global Climate A List – a spot held by just 9 percent of the thousands of companies participating in CDP’s climate change program.
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GM Hydrogen Fuel Cells Mark 50 Years of Development
The year 1966 brought the TV debuts of “Batman” and “Star Trek,” which both enjoy a cultlike following 50 years later. With less fanfare in the same season, General Motors tested the Electrovan, the world’s first hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle.
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Mission-Ready Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Fuel Cell Vehicle Breaks Cover at U.S. Army Show
The physically imposing Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is the most extreme off-road-capable fuel-cell-powered electric vehicle ever from General Motors. The Colorado ZH2 features an Exportable Power Take-Off unit that allows the fuel cell to power activity away from the vehicle, such as remote locations where electric power may otherwise be unavailable.
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How Companies Can Protect the Nation’s Pollinators
Pollinators – bees, bats, butterflies and more – may be small in size, but they have a huge impact on our lives. Scientists estimate one out of every three bites of food we eat exist because of them. Without pollinators, our diets would be limited. Companies, however, can play a role in protecting them.
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Getting Back on the Landfill-Free List
General Motors’ expectations for a landfill-free facility are structured and strict, with sites removed from the list if even a small load goes into the ground. When that happens, both the local teams and global waste experts collaborate to find solutions. GM’s manufacturing plant in Cairo, Egypt lost its certification in 2015, but worked hard to get reinstated. As of this summer, the site is landfill-free once again.
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How Sustainability Can Help Companies Attract and Retain Young Employees
By 2025, millennials will represent 75 percent of the global workforce – and that means three-quarters of employees will likely seek opportunities to make an impact on people and the environment through their personal lives and the companies where they work.
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OnStar Donates $400,000 to First Responders
OnStar celebrated its 20th anniversary by giving $20,000 each to 20 public safety personnel who experienced serious physical injury or hardship that impacted their ability to perform their jobs.
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Chevrolet Partners with the American Cancer Society for Sixth Year on Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
For the sixth consecutive year Chevrolet and General Motors employees, dealers and customers are banding together to fight breast cancer this October by supporting the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® walks.
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Kettering University GM Mobility Research Center Will Position Flint and Michigan at Forefront of Transportation and Mobility Research and Development
Construction began on the Kettering University GM Mobility Research Center, the only one of its kind on a college campus in the country. It was funded in part through a $2 million investment from the GM Foundation. The outdoor lab space and proving ground will be used to enhance research and development of autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety standards, hybrid and electric vehicle technologies and many other uses.
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