Supporting Nonprofits in Their Digital Journey

Jun 7, 2019 12:15 PM ET

At VMware, we’re on a journey to put back more than we take, delivering long-term shared value for our stakeholders, and unlocking opportunities for all. As part of that journey, for the past three years, we’ve been working with the pro bono experts at Taproot Foundation, investing in tools and resources to help nonprofits build their technical capacity.

Transforming Technology Pro Bonoreleased last week, is the final compilation of a four-step guide for both volunteers and nonprofits looking to engage in pro bono services. The solution development framework in the guide details how to discover, design, implement, and maintain a sustainable solution that meets the needs of nonprofits.

How the guide helps volunteers and nonprofits 

Our intent for this free Guide is that it’s used by companies, foundations and volunteers who would like to offer pro bono service to nonprofits, as well as nonprofits who are looking for more effective technology pro bono projects. Using the Transforming Technology Pro Bono Guide, we hope to mitigate the “rush to take action mentality.” For example, we’ve found that many people often skip over the critical Discover and Design phases. While it may seem more efficient, rushing to Implement often leads to projects that are more costly and don’t ultimately serve the organization’s needs. We’ve intentionally focused on providing this practical guide to support more effective and sustainable technology pro bono.

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