Innovators Discuss Changes in Healthcare System

Report by Adnan Ahmed, President, CNSI

(3BL Media/Justmeans) -The Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) continues this week with more than 1,000 thought leaders who have traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to discuss changes in today’s healthcare system. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley opened the conference on Monday and addressed the needs for an effective healthcare system, not only in South Carolina, but throughout the country. With emphasis on healthcare costs, greater access to care and better quality of care, the ideas surrounding the use of big data to leverage better care outcomes are increasingly popular this year.

Author and Keynote speaker David Goldhill discussed his book, Catastrophic Care: How American Healthcare Killed My Father- And How We Can Fix It, and emphasized that the insurance-based system we use today often results in high costs along with excess medicine and medical error. He continues to explore how the Affordable Care Act can change how we address systematic issues related to healthcare moving forward.

Healthcare innovators at the conference have discussed a number of solutions to benefit state governments to reduce cost, increase efficiencies and quality of healthcare.  One such example is the partnership between the states of Michigan and Illinois to use the cloud based Medicaid Management Information System developed by Maryland-based CNSI, which has the potential to save millions of Federal and State tax dollars. These savings have the potential to be reinvested to expand those healthcare programs that have proven success and to explore new options. I believe these high tech initiatives are shaping the future of Medicaid, leading to better health, better care and lower costs.

Executive Director of the New England States Consortium Systems Organization Brenda Harvey met with CNSI to discuss the happenings at MESC this year. NESCSO is a non- profit organization whose goal is to improve communication and collaboration between states to exchange knowledge and services that will maximize healthcare program efficiency and is also the coordinator of the conference this year. Harvey emphasized that the MESC is a place to discuss ways to solve the issues surrounding the healthcare industry and encourages those not at the conference to stay informed on the panel discussions.

Discovering new approaches to provider data management has been an important topic of discussion at this year’s conference. Harvey had positive things to say with regards to the MMIS partnership between Illinois and Michigan and states, “NESCSO has had a vision of helping states share services, save costs, save development time and really leverage one another’s strengths. So if a state has a solution to something that really works, I don’t believe that the work in the neighboring state is so different that [the solutions] can’t really ultimately be shared in some way.”

The MESC will continue with panel discussions to shed light on the future of Medicaid through Thursday September 12th. A list of scheduled participants can be found on the MESC website (

—Adnan Ahmed, President, CNSI