China Re-sets its Economy for Social Responsibility

“The benchmark for progress is changing,” says Pamela Mar, a fellow at the Fung Global Institute, talking about China’s movement toward sustainability throughout its large, robust economy. Mar’s research shows that the country is re-setting its goals to couple growth with better environmental outcomes. Chinese companies are taking sustainability more seriously, re-thinking their business operations and values. As evidence, Mar cites progress in the areas of emissions reduction, taxes for environmental protection, CSR and corporate governance, and investment in new technology for the environment. Growth and environment are increasingly being seen as complementary, driven by business to be done and money to be made. These trends toward a sustainable profitability, as well as the rising cost of China’s still-pervasive air, water, and land pollution, may guide the country to a definition of profit that includes planet and people. That would benefit us all.

John Howell, Editorial Director