ACTrees Announces Community Groves Program To Grow Urban Orchards

With Over 90% of Americans Living in Urban Areas, Many Have Limited Access to Fresh, Healthful Food.
Sep 4, 2013 11:00 AM ET
Press Release

Washington, DC, September 4, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees) announces the launch of Community GrovesSM, a program to improve the health and livability of neighborhoods through planting, maintaining, and harvesting fruit and nut trees.

“Healthy trees make healthy communities, and local food sourcing is enhanced when fruit and nut trees are added to community gardens,” said Carrie Gallagher, Executive Director of ACTrees.

“With over 90% of Americans living in urban areas, too many individuals suffer from limited access to fresh, healthful food. Planting fruit and nut trees will provide fresh food for communities, educate residents about nutrition and agriculture, bring neighbors together, and revitalize vacant or derelict urban lands.”

The ACTrees Community Groves℠ program offers tools and resources for bringing the benefits of fruit and nut trees to any neighborhood. A key part of the program is the Community Groves℠ Guidebook, which helps nonprofits, community leaders, and residents plan, establish, and maintain fruit and nut tree orchards. Whether at gardens, schools, parks, or vacant lots, all residents can grow their own Community Groves℠.

With funding from federal and corporate sponsors, ACTrees will also provide Community GrovesSM Grants to its network of member and program partner organizations to support the creation and expansion of Community GrovesSM in cities across the country. To facilitate peer-to-peer networking, success stories and best practices are featured on the website.

The launch of Community GrovesSM comes on the heels of a successful pilot initiative in 2012, which brought 2,000 new trees and shrubs to community gardens in 30 cities across the U.S. in partnership with the USDA People’s Garden initiative.

In earlier research, ACTrees identified the connections between urban trees and community agriculture, and discovered there is an extensive generational gap of knowledge, skill, and experience with fruit and nut trees.

“We found that older generations of urban dwellers grew fruit and nut trees and understood their required care. But with changes in the food system and modern development, that knowledge was not passed down,” says Leland Milstein, ACTrees Program Director. “Community GrovesSM aims to change that by reconnecting people with their food.”

Engaging with issues of nutrition, land use, obesity, unequal access to food, and urban neglect, Community GrovesSM offers another step forward in the effort toward healthier, more sustainable, and more secure communities. Learn more about Community GrovesSM

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