CSR Minute: Barrick Gold Corporation to Spend $75M on Mine Cleanup; Poyry Launches Green Mill Index

Sep 9, 2011 10:00 AM ET

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Press Release

The Barrick Gold Corporation is spending $75 million on an environmental cleanup at its mining site in the Dominican Republic. Improper closing of the former mine in 1999 resulted in soil and water pollution. Barrick has completed the rehabilitation of the mine’s operating site, and is now funding and managing the cleanup of the surrounding area, doubling its original funding to cover the full cost of the work.

Poyry has launched an index for analyzing the environmental sustainability of pulp and paper mills. The Poyry Green Mill Index brings together many different indicators to create a comprehensive overview. Many of these indicators are based on European Commission standards for best available technology, known as B.A.T. Poyry is a consulting and engineering company that designs pulp and paper mills.
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